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Superpower Fempreneurs, they just Nailed It

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Superpower Fempreneurs, they just Nailed It

2020-09-28 08:36:18

By Dwaipayan

Every so often we get to see the media lens towards showing the hardships of being a women entrepreneur who don’t enjoy a single minute of being a business titleholder. But that's not the truth! It’s a big world out there.

You've got to just ignore the public eye from being negative and welcome the encouraging, here we have five incredible fempreneurs who defy the men's world.

Marieta Baila
Co-founder, Consulthon

She participated with her startup in an accelerator and she appeared to be the only female-cofounder with all-male mentors. Marieta Baila said the entrepreneurial community speaks more about the negative sides and setbacks for women entrepreneurs and to an extent she witnessed it to be true.

She encouraged that women-entrepreneurs should be proud of their capabilities. 

Women entrepreneurs are great at multitasking – the dexterity to take a variety of tasks and juggle them is often not appreciated, nevertheless, this is the reality. Going back to my experience with the accelerator she was the one managing interns and still being able to focus on the accelerator experience.

Agility – women entrepreneurs fit easier to different groups of people and are eager to accept different roles in human communication settings and collaborations.

Receiving feedback – women have less ego to their counterparts, so when they receive feedback for their product/service/team they change and amend rather than being in competition or threat, which is usually the case with male-to-male constructive feedback.

Doggedness – women entrepreneurs are prepared to spend a long time chasing their vision. They don’t easily give up until they have tried all the possibilities.

Nicole Russin-McFarland
Founder, Lucky Pineapple Films

She puts it witty, the best part about being a female entrepreneur is when I am the only female meeting men it’s like a card drawn in my favour in the poker game that is life.

She goes with the concept that you need to do is clean up well, and you shall have the attention of every powerful man in the world because he will be acclimated to seeing men all day long. Funny but true!

A female presence sends shockwave in a room, the vibration of female vocal cords is enough to get attention. How you take that control with failure or success in networking or a business deal, is your game. Do a good job, and the world is yours for your career goals.

Be assertive, sexy, bold-faced, demanding, gifted. Silence has never been the key to success.

Lorraine Gannon
Co-Founder, New Era Training

Women are fantastic entrepreneurs and the workplace benefits from female involvement. We’ll know that women are more intuitive naturally and will predict events and spot the delicate signals offering a commercial advantage in their business. According to the Co-Founder “As female entrepreneurs we don’t have to wine and dine clients and play lots of golf! It's just communicating well with clients”.

Women are wonderful at delegation and multitasking we can be ruthlessly prioritizing. Goals are attained through prioritizing. Women business owners have more determination and dedication, often being patient to wait for scores to appear in business.

Nicki Rodriguez
Director, R&R PR Management

Here we have Nicki, the owner of 2 businesses for the past 4 years. One is her PR company and the other is an interior design business called LHR Interior Design for which she is known as the Essex House Dolly! She believes in Multi-tasking is something us ladies stand out. She’s also a mother, having the ability to juggle times/days and hours is something I seem to manage very well.

Nicki also feels us ladies have an advantage; our brains work differently to men at someplace we are better equipped to deal with pressures and stresses and the ability to be clever to sort things in a realistic way too.

Emma Thompson
Owner, Little Hotdog Watson

She’s successful and writing her own rule book about how to behave in business. Little Hotdog Watson is a kidswear brand and she works with values rather being tough on things as most business house deems. Kindness rule is her label for success. She believes doing a good job or focus on how we can help and work collectively it’s a much nicer space to belong firm, fair, and kind. She makes her own rules and enjoying work much more.

The suppleness of working for yourself takes you to another level of freedom not just mentally but logistically. You’ll never have to apply for a day’s holiday, going to the spa for a facial or to see a dentist. You have got that flexibility to work until midnight to give yourself a little more breathing space the next day. So here’s the next learning curve; eternal self-motivation and abundant elasticity. By the way, this gives and takes only works if you are always committed and propelled towards business goals. It’s a payoff, you co-exist and only you can learn to accomplish that and benefit from it.

There are frightening moments, the life of a female business owner is a ceaseless pursuit but believe me, it’s worth it, it’s worth it all.

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