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For 2020, US Needs a President to Deliver Assurances, Not a Cheerleader

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For 2020, US Needs a President to Deliver Assurances, Not a Cheerleader

2020-05-04 14:36:36

Images: Joe Biden and Donald Trump (Image sources: Screenshot and Screenshot)

Voters in the United States have a huge decision to make in November: who they want leading the country in the next four years. It has taken on an even larger importance than other presidential elections. It's a really tough time as the country wades through the coronavirus pandemic that is decimating the workforce, health-care workers, and the population.

Politics has to take a backseat at this time. What needs to be of more importance is who will lead the country out of this predicament it finds itself in. A priority needs to be given to who can not only bring an end to the pandemic but help the country repair as it moves forward.  

We know that on the Republican side, Donald Trump will be the nominee. While he had a few challengers, none was ever given an honest chance — not only in public opinion but at the polls as well, as many states opted out of Republican primaries.

On the Democrat side, former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee. It is not official yet, as many states either delayed or rescheduled their primaries because of social distancing concerns through the pandemic. Yet every candidate has dropped out, and many of them have officially endorsed him, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who brings with him a large group of progressive supporters. 

Other than a possible push from Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI), who has announced he is exploring a run as a Libertarian, these are the presumptive two major-party choices the U.S. will be considering.

One thing needs to be discounted right away as a consideration, and that is whether the candidates are philanderers. Both Trump and Biden have standing accusations.  

Just weeks before the 2016 election, women started standing in line to announce Trump had sexually assaulted them. There were more than 15 accusations. Two women later admitted to being paid off to stay quiet about the affairs they had with him. He's never admitted to any of it, but the payments to the two women have been documented.

Last year there was a collection of women who accused Biden of touching them. One woman said he touched her neck and made her uncomfortable. A year later, with Biden as the presumptive nominee, she is now claiming he pushed her up against a wall, put his hand underneath her, and put his fingers inside her. The evidence she has said existed has not been found. 

Regardless, this has to be a non-consideration — not only because things can't be proven, but there are things that are more important right now. It pains me to say that as a woman, but it's true.

Donald Trump has insisted he is being a good cheerleader for the country. But this proclamation has two faults: this is not what is needed, and it's also not true. 

We don't need a cheerleader. We don't need encouragement at this point. We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic. An assurance that we can do it, that we can handle social distancing, to keep on going isn't what we need.

We need to know we will be safe. We need to know our families will be safe. We need to know we will be employed. We need to know that should we, God forbid, end up in the hospital, stricken with COVID-19, that we will have insurance that will pay for what will most likely be a multi-week stay, meaning thousands and thousands of dollars. 

We need an assurance that if we fear we have COVID-19, that we will be able to get tested. We need to know that we can safely leave our homes at some point in the near future without having to wear a mask. We need to know that the treatments being offered are sound. We need to know that we can get a vaccine very soon that will prevent us from getting this deadly virus.

When the president steps in front of a roomful of reporters to deliver news, we need to know that he is being honest. We need to be able to trust this information and that he's not just trying to promote his own politics, business, and cronies.  

We need a president who can get along with other countries during this worldwide pandemic, as we need to all count on each other to share information.

We need a president who can get along with both parties, with the entire Congress, to set future legislation and committees to ensure we don't end up in this spot again. 

We need a president who can get along with all people of color, both women and men, regardless of sexuality, to be sure we are all safe and not just a certain faction.

We need all these things. We're scared. We're scared to leave our homes. We're scared to go to the grocery store. We're scared to get together with our family members. We're scared to go to work. We're scared to be in a crowd.  

We're scared. We need assurances of safety. We don't need to be cheered on. The person who wins in November will be the person who makes us feel safe, whom we can count on and trust to do the right thing and be honest with us, and who assures us of our future.

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