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'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Spoilers: New Characters and a Love Story

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'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Spoilers: New Characters and a Love Story

2012-06-19 15:08:09

-by Anthony Bell, Contributing Writer; Image: Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan and Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills / The Evil Queen in the Once Upon a Time season finale. (Image Source: ABC)

With the debut of Angelina Jolie’s picture as Disney’s Maleficent, we got to thinking about other Disney fairy tales—and specifically, what’s in store for the second season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which premieres this fall.

Plotlines are still under wraps, but E! Online got a hold of some interesting tidbits to keep fans excited for what’s in store for Emma Swan, Regina Mills/The Evil Queen, Henry and all the beloved characters of Storybrooke.

If you don’t like spoilers, then you should probably stop reading here (we’ll also assume you’ve seen the show up until this point—so if not, catch up and come back!)...

First up, it looks like two new characters will be introduced: Anastasia, who “could be mistaken for a spoiled rich girl,” and Magnolia, “a cool badass Asian chick who is an accomplished fighter and rider and might be a little bit magical.” Both parts are being cast right now, but there is no word on their exact roles just yet.

Also, Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, says there may be some love in her character’s future, as the first season mostly focused on her relationship with son Henry (Jared S. Gilmore).

“[The Huntsman, played by Jamie Dornan] was in the season finale so they’ve established in fairytale land you can still flashback to him existing there, even though he’s not alive in reality,” Morrison explained to Entertainment Weekly.

At the end of season one, Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) also introduced magic into the “real world” of Storybrooke, which changes the story considerably—especially since Emma already broke the curse that drove season one.

“We don’t know if that means the Huntsman can be brought back to life,” Morrison explained. “We don’t know what the rules are going to be now because everything has changed.”

That means that Pinocchio/August W. Booth (Eion Bailey) could also return, especially since his fate was left in question at the end of the season finale—is he alive, or still transformed back into wood?

Either way, season two is set to focus more on Emma’s love life.

“Season one for Emma was really about falling in love with Henry,” she said. “And season two they’re going to explore the idea of her allowing romantic love in her life as well because that’s something she’s never really permitted previously either.”

As for Regina Mills, everyone’s favorite Evil Queen, it’s anyone’s guess. Her secret is out, and the town of Storybrooke now knows of their lives in the fairy tale world—so what’s the next step? Actress Lana Parrilla hopes that we’ll at least see more of the dynamic between Regina and Henry before Emma’s appearance in the town.

“Id like to see the history of that relationship; how she got Henry, and I’m wondering if there will be flashbacks in Storybrooke next season,” she told E! Online. “I’m anxious to find out, and at the same time I’m patient because every script has always been so great. The anticipation solely comes from a place of me being a fan of the show as well and I want to know what is going to happen, but as the Evil Queen/Regina, I can wait.”

Well, it seems we’ll all have to wait until this fall, when Once Upon a Time returns to ABC’s Sunday night lineup.

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