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Manafort's Trial Leads to Questions Regarding White Collar Crime 11 Aug 2018 02:40 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Paul Manafort (Image source: Screenshot)


While many people were waiting for the Paul Manafort trial to begin, wanting to see where special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is headed, what this first trial has opened us up to so far has nothing to do with Donald Trump, at least not with regards to the possibility of collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice. What it's shown us is that the affluent people sometimes use white collar crime to gain even more assets.

The judge in Manafort's trial may not have liked it, but the prosecutors painstakingly showed every move that Manafort made to cheat the system and maintain a lavish lifestyle. An ostrich coat that cost thousands of dollars? So many expensive suits that he had to have money wired from foreign accounts to pay for them? A SoHo loft that was rented out by his son-in-law to earn thousands more with every stay?

He was supporting this lifestyle with white collar crime. He's been in politics since he helped with former President Gerald Ford's campaign. He was a lobbyist for other foreign leaders, including Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovych, which made him millions. Yet he still needed to cheat the system?

Manafort is on trial for bank and tax fraud. He lied about assets to obtain big loans. He lied about his income to avoid paying taxes. They have been investigating him since 2014, one year before Trump announced he was running for president. He has cost the system so much money, yet he wants even more.

Meanwhile, it leaves those of us who are less affluent feeling like schmucks. He's cheating the system and not paying taxes on the millions that he has in assets and income. Yet I'm taxed twice. As a freelancer, I get taxed on my income as a "business owner" and on my income.

But Manafort got away with not paying his taxes in full? That makes me question if that's why I pay so much in taxes. Do I have to be taxed twice because the affluent people feel the need to cheat the system to become even more rich? 

Yet what this administration is doing isn't helping those of us in the middle class or lower. It's helping the upper class. There was a news story just within the last few weeks that the Trump administration wants to lower capital gains tax in certain situations, a move that will help the top upper crust of society. Meanwhile, the rest of us are slaving away five to seven days a week, sometimes living paycheck to paycheck.

Additionally, the administration keeps slapping tariffs and sanctions on other foreign countries, and that's hurting our trade, which in turn hurts the businesses here who depend on that trade, including farmers.

Trump has put a large focus on crime since the day he announced he was running for president. He's blamed Mexico and other illegal immigrants in bringing crime into the country. One year later he hired Manafort, who was already under investigation, to run his campaign, thereby supporting Manafort's crimes.

Even Trump's lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen, is being investigated for white collar crime – tax and bank fraud as well, and possibly even campaign finance violations. At some point it makes it seem as if there's no end to it.

Aside from whatever Manafort did to aid the Russians in meddling in the election, that will be addressed at a separate trial next month, while the charges this jury is looking at aren't as exciting, it's possibly hurting the country just as much.

We were supposed to be helping our economy when Trump, a businessman, was elected. But that doesn't seem to be the case. He's hiring people who are stealing from the country. 

Maybe it's time to start taking a more serious look into white collar crime and those who are aiding and abetting those thieves.




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