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Dryer Sheets Aren't As Good As They Seem 19 May 2019 05:05 PM EST

Dryer sheets are known for making your clothes feel and smell nice when you take them out of the dryer. According to Digital Trends, they actually are damaging your clothes and your appliance. Dryer sheets are sheets of fiber coated with stearic of fatty acids that then melt and with with your clothes. Yet the acid also melts and coats the inside of your dyer, which can result in a build up in your lint filter. For your clothes the sheets can make towels less absorbent, activewear less resistant to sweat and pajamas less fire resistant.

12 May, 2019
Always A Bridesmaid But Never A Boob Job? Maid Of Honor Infuriated By Bride's Demand

Of course, no one would wear white to a wedding so as not to upstage the bride, but what about not flaunting your best manmade assets? According to Allure Magazine, an angry maid of honor vented to social media that the bride had asked her to postpone her breast enhancement surgery until after the wedding. When the maid of honor promised to wear something... Read more

4 May, 2019
The Science Behind Friendship

According to, "We value friendship and recognize that it contributes to our well-being. It's a key component to a happy life, not to mention robust emotional and physical health..." Author Kate LeaverBut recently studied the science of friendship in her book, "The Friendship Cure: Reconnecting in the Modern World." The book studies what friendship... Read more

2 May, 2019
Reagan's Daughter Writes Open Letter Instructing GOP to Stop Using Her Father to Justify Silence on Trump

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Ronald Reagan (Image source: Public domain)   Patti Davis, the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan and former First Lady Nancy Reagan, is tired of having her dad's name dragged into the mud when mentioned in the same sentence as Donald Trump.   More to the point, she wrote an open letter to the GOP for The Washington... Read more

14 April, 2019
Scammed: True Story of a Recent Widower Who Nearly Lost $20K in a Lottery Scam

Scammed: True Story of a Recent Widower Who Nearly Lost $20K in a Lottery Scam    The reason I am a news/non-fiction writer is because the truth is often stranger than fiction, as they say, and often what I can report in the news is a better story than any fictional think I would create.  We often hear of phone scams, and pay some... Read more

4 April, 2019
Despite Having Upper Hand, MacKenzie Bezos Only Keeps Modest Amount After Divorce

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Jeff Bezos (Image source: Public domain)     When you're divorcing the richest man in the world, you can set yourself up really well, especially if you were the wronged party in the breakup. But that's not the case with MacKenzie Bezos. She could have easily taken her ex to the cleaners, but she accepted... Read more

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Kennedy Center Will Honor 'Sesame Street' And Sally Field
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