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Are Millennials Slowly Killing Off The Noble American 'Cheese Product'? 13 Oct 2018 01:29 PM EST

Millennials are known for loving to try new things. That's great news for edgy start-ups.
But it's not so great for good old American "cheese products."
Why? According to Mother Nature Network, millennials still buy cheese--just not American cheese.
They want the health benefits and the taste of natural, unprocessed cheese.
On the other hand, some restaurants offer dishes with processed American cheese as "retro" dishes.
So maybe the imminent death of American cheese via millennial isn't as imminent as reported.

13 October, 2018
How To Get Better At Dealing With Life Changes

In general, people dislike change. It's hard, it's uncomfortable, and it's annoying. It's also inevitable.Fortunately, Business Insider reports psychologists say people can get better at dealing with it.For example, when faced with change, stay in the moment. Whatever's coming next won't last forever.Also, get to know yourself. If you already know how you're... Read more

8 October, 2018
Sadness Or Depression? There's A Difference

Sadness is a symptom of depression, but according to Business Insider, just being sad doesn't necessarily mean you're depressed. The biggest difference between sadness and depression is typically the length of time, and depression also typically comes with physical symptoms. While many people haven't been officially diagnosed with depression, the mood... Read more

5 October, 2018
Cashiers Are Tired Of Hearing These Questions

Some people act like they've never been shopping before - are you one of them? Read more

27 September, 2018
Will a Brett Kavanuagh Confirmation Kill the #MeToo Movement?

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer: Image: Brett Kavanaugh (Image source: Screenshot)   We saw something amazing a year ago with the birth of the #MeToo movement. The amount of sexual misconduct Harvey Weinstein was accused of was astounding, and this was no average Joe. This was one of Hollywood's top producers.   To pay back these women,... Read more

24 September, 2018
5 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Partner

1. A home cooked meal.2. A new book to read.3. A custom phone case.4. A monogrammed mug.5. A succulent arrangement. Read more

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How 'The Conners' Premiere Explained Roseanne's Absence
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MTV To Reboot Real World On Facebook Watch
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