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15 Nov 2017 05:05 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: George Takei is one of the more recent men in Hollywood to be accused of sexual misconduct. (Image Source: Alex Lozupone via Wikimedia Commons)

While we would have been likely a few months ago to say that sexual harassment was primarily an act done to women by straight men, the news stories coming out of Hollywood defy this thought. It's something that has affected all. True, it's mostly between women and straight men, but it still hits the others demographics as well.

But this isn't a crime of passion; this is a crime of power and control, and that's why it hits everyone.

The accusations coming out of Hollywood are daunting, both in the severity of the crimes as well as the aggressors. The names being thrown out are so surprising.

We can say it started a few years back with the allegations of Bill Cosby, but we know it's been happening much longer than that, although there was a gap in years between his accusations and the recent glut of them, save for Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes.

Harvey Weinstein was accused of harassing and assaulting many women, and it started with actress Ashley Judd. This started the ball rolling with director Brett Ratner being accused of harassment and political commentator Mark Halperin accused of the same.

It seemed a white male privilege thing at that point until the accusations crossed barriers of gender, race, sexual orientation, and age.

Terry Crews admitted he'd been fondled by another man at an awards telecast. Corey Feldman reintroduced his claims that there is a Hollywood prostitution ring and that he was a victim, as was good friend Corey Haim, who he claims was abused even worse. Sadly, Haim can't speak for himself, as he passed away after several years of drug abuse.

Still, it seemed like a straight male thing, until Kevin Spacey was accused by Anthony Rapp of trying to bed him when he was just 14 years old. Spacey admitted he was drunk at that point and came just that short of apologizing, then announced he was gay. That wasn't so much a surprise to anyone, but many were confused over why he had to connect his sexuality with his assault.

The accusations just aren't slowing down. Jeremy Piven has been accused, Andy Dick has been accused, and this past week Louis C.K. was accused. And all in one day, he lost his career and admitted the accusations were true.

That's a stunning result of all these accusations. Hollywood bigwigs are losing their careers over these accusations. Hopefully, it will be enough to turn things around and make people realize it's not worth it.

And again, I said people because men aren't the only ones with the misconduct. Bijou Phillips was accused of fat-shaming and using homophobic slurs against a fellow actor. Some may not realize it, but yes, using a homophobic slur is sexual harassment. You're not allowed to discuss anyone's sexuality.

That was news to Ellen Page. She recalled that at 18, Brett Ratner outed her as being gay. She still hadn't even dealt with it on her own yet. She hadn't outed herself ... to herself at that point. That's not okay to do. That's harassment.

And now, even one of our most beloved Hollywood personalities, George Takei, has been accused. We don't want to believe it, and he emphatically denies assaulting anyone, yet did admit on Howard Stern several years ago that sometimes he grabs men's genitals to convince them to have sex with him.

And that's where you can see it. Takei admitted that these men didn't want to have sex with him, so he had to convince them.

It's not a crime of sex or passion — it's a crime of control and power. Men and women, straight or gay, feel the need to show their power over others.

And that's the only way it will change, by attacking the problem from that standpoint.

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