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Breaking News: Trump Cancels Planned Summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea After Nuclear Test Site Is Closed     - | -     What Did Michael Flynn Jr. Mean When He Tweeted 'You're All Going Down?'     - | -     Despite Trump Blaming Obama for Campaign Surveillance, Senate Decides Obama Too Slow Regarding Russian Meddling      - | -     Cohen Was 'Paid by Ukraine' to Arrange Conversations with White House     - | -     Cohen's Business Partner Pleads Guilty in Deal That Requires Him to Cooperate in Ongoing Investigations      - | -     GOP Congressman Invokes 'The Deep State'
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10 May, 2018
White House Cyber Security Job On The Chopping Block?

Multiple sources told POLITICO, President Donald Trump’s national security team is weighing the elimination of the top White House cybersecurity job. The move would come as the nation faces growing digital threats from adversaries such as Russia and Iran.According to one current and two former... Read more

9 May, 2018
White House Says China Trade Talks to Resume In Washington Next Week

On Monday, the White House said that China’s top economic official will visit Washington next week to resume trade talks with the Trump administration. The announcement comes after discussions in Beijing last week yielded no agreement on a long list of U.S. trade demands. Trump’s... Read more

8 May, 2018
Melania Trump Rehashing Michelle Obama Again?

The White House on Tuesday labeled news outlets as "opposition media" for reporting that the first lady's anti-cyberbullying booklet was reused from an Obama-era version. The Office of the First Lady accused the media of lobbing "baseless accusations" toward Melania Trump. The office acknowledged... Read more

5 May, 2018
Vice President Pence's White House Physician Resigns

The White House physician assigned to Vice President Mike Pence has resigned.According to reports, Jennifer Pena's resignation follows an incident with Pence's wife Karen.Although Pena's resignation went through the White House Medical Unit, Pence's wife allegedly intimidated her husband's... Read more

4 May, 2018
White House Says U.S. Prisoner Release Would Be Goodwill Move By North Korea

The White House said on Thursday it would welcome the release of three Americans imprisoned in North Korea. The releases would be a goodwill gesture before a planned summit. The White House couldn't confirm that the prisoners will definitely be released. Expectations have grown though that... Read more

3 May, 2018
White House Debates On Meeting Spot For Donald Trump And kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump will be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The White House said they are looking at Singapore as a potential location for the two to meet. Another possible location is the Peace House near the Demilitarized Zone along the border of North and South Korea. Yet some... Read more

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Scammer Threatens to Kill Happy the Dog Unless Owner Pays Bitcoin Ransom
Scammer Threatens to Kill Happy the Dog Unless Owner Pays Bitcoin Ransom
24 May, 2018

This weekend, a basset hound named Happy went missing in North Carolina, and a scammer claiming to have the dog soon demanded hundreds of dollars in bitcoin for his return. CBS17 reported, Happy’s... More

Why Sleeping In On The Weekend Is A Good Idea
Why Sleeping In On The Weekend Is A Good Idea
24 May, 2018

It turns out that sleeping in may have some serious health benefits. At least that's the result of a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research. The study used 13 years worth of data from... More

Chemical Plants To Weigh Disaster Risks By U.S. Chemical Safety Board
Chemical Plants To Weigh Disaster Risks By U.S. Chemical Safety Board
24 May, 2018

According to a report by Reuters, the US Chemical Safety Board urged chemical plants to weigh the risks of natural disasters on Thursday, the same way they would the integrity of pipes and production... More