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22 Mar 2017 02:45 AM EST

Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT for America, a sadly influential anti-Muslim movement that promotes thoughts such as, "every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim," is reportedly readying herself for a meeting at The White House. Though White House Officials report they have no knowledge of the meeting, Gabriel's Twitter account says otherwise, with a posted photo last night captioned, "In D.C, preparing for my meeting at the White House." This all comes to light as Donald Trump's administration continues in their plight to keep those of Islamic faith out of their precious United States of America.

20 March, 2017
White House to Offer Budget Plan by mid-May

According to White House budget directer Mick Mulvaney, a detailed version of President Trump's budget is set to be released in May. The budget plan will lay out strategies to eventually eliminate U.S. deficits. Mulvaney acknowledges that the budget will not be balanced in the upcoming 2018... Read more

14 March, 2017
White House Fence Jumper Remains Free Pending Trial

A California man charged with jumping the White House fence late Friday evening will be allowed to remain free while awaiting trial, though he’ll have to wear a GPS monitor. At a hearing in federal court in Washington on Monday, 26-year-old Jonathan Tuan Tran of Milpitas, California,... Read more

13 March, 2017
Charges Facing the White House Intruder

In a case set to go to the U.S. District Court, Jonathan Tran has been charged with entering the restricted White House grounds while carrying a dangerous weapon. Tran had been intercepted by Secret Service agents as he was approaching the south entrance to the White House close to midnight... Read more

11 March, 2017
White House: Flynn's Fib Not Our Fault

Trump’s team said it knew the ex-national security adviser hadn’t registered with the Justice Dept. for Turkey-related lobbying, but that it wasn’t their job to make him do it. The White House said Friday it wasn’t responsible for making sure Michael Flynn followed the law and that... Read more

11 March, 2017
White House Welcomes Strong Jobs Data

On Friday, in a series of tweets, White House spokesman Sean Spicer commented on strong February job creation numbers that may have run into difficulty with federal guidance, excepting most officials from commenting on key economic data within an hour of its release. The rule which is being... Read more

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Storms Sweep through Southeast
Storms Sweep through Southeast
22 March, 2017

CBS News reports that Severe storms that moved across the Southeast Tuesday into Tuesdsay night left at least one person dead and tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power. A man was killed... More

Over Exercising Is Just As Harmful As Overeating
Over Exercising Is Just As Harmful As Overeating
22 March, 2017

Fitness Influencer Anna Victoria posted a ‘before and after’ picture on her Instagram of her positive transformation after she quit her extreme exercise habit. Under the picture, Victoria... More

ExxonMobil Says A Year's Worth Of Rex Tillerson's Alias Emails In Climate Change Case Were Lost
ExxonMobil Says A Year's Worth Of Rex Tillerson's Alias Emails In Climate Change Case Were Lost
22 March, 2017

Buzzfeed reports that ExxonMobil has admitted that a year’s worth of emails from an alias account used by its former chief executive, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, were lost. Tillerson... More