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10 March, 2017
Robot Hired To Flip Burgers At Fast Food Restaurant

A Californian fast food restaurant has introduced a robot that flips and cooks burgers, replacing human workers at the grill.The Telegraph reports that the robot, named Flippy, was developed by Miso Robotics and began its first day on the job at Caliburger this week. “Much like self-driving vehicles, our system continuously learns from its experiences... Read more

5 March, 2017
Marshmallow Peeps Oreos Have Surprising Side Effects

New Marshmallow Peeps-flavored Oreos and their bright pink filling are starting to do more than just brighten up store shelves. Consumers are discovering that Peeps Oreos deliver some colorful side effects. Apparently the pink food coloring that makes the filling so shockingly bright is leaving its mark on consumers’ tongues and disgustingly…... Read more

26 February, 2017
What the Celebs Will Be Eating At The Oscars

As you gear up for your own glamorous viewing party of the Academy Awards, glean a little inspiration straight from the stars. The official post-Oscar celebration, 89th Annual Academy Awards Governors Ball, chef Wolfgang Puck is serving up some stunning dishes to the 1,500 person guest list of celebrities and industry insiders. This year's after-party... Read more

23 February, 2017
Restaurant Fined for Tricking Customers

For the last year and a half customers at a high-end Bay Area restaurant were duped into thinking they were eating fancy fish when they were actually eating tilapia. A suspicious customer finally complained to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office in early 2016, accusing the restaurant of using the far-cheaper tilapia in its supposed petrale... Read more

20 February, 2017
Parents Unsure If Kids Are Eating Healthy Enough

Even though most American parents believe good nutrition is important for their children, only one-third think they're doing a good job teaching their kids healthy eating habits, a new survey shows."Most parents understand that they should provide healthy food for their children, but the reality of work schedules, children's activities and different... Read more

13 February, 2017
Two Obesity Treatments Using Stomach Balloons Under FDA Warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is quite unhappy with fluid-filled balloons that are placed in the stomach to treat obesity. That's because the balloons have been linked to serious complications. The ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System and the Orbera Intragastric Balloon System were both approved by the FDA in 2015. But in a recent warning... Read more

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