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McDonald's is testing plastic straw alternatives 20 Jun 2018 02:08 AM EST

Business Insider reports that McDonald's will start testing plastic straw alternatives at select US locations this year.
The announcement comes amid calls from environmental activists urging McDonald's and other food conglomerates to ditch plastic straws.
Several US cities have already enacted their own bans.
Because plastic straws are tiny and don't easily biodegrade.
The straws can commonly slip through the cracks of a city's waste-recycling process, clogging ponds, rivers, and oceans.
The fast-food giant will trial alternatives to plastic straws at select locations later this year.
Nationwide, McDonald's distributes millions of drinks every day, which means many of their straws have likely ended up in the wild.
In the UK, the company has already decided to adopt biodegradable paper straws.

20 June, 2018
Mouse Found In Wendy's Hamburger Bag

If you like eating hamburgers with rodents on top, Wendy's may be for you. The fast-food giant is in trouble after an employee said that they saw a live mouse in a bag of hamburger buns.The employee also claims that other workers at the Catoosa, Oklahoma location “leave cigarettes all over the place.” The employee who goes by he name "Sky... Read more

20 June, 2018
Plant Protein Sources Are Good and Good For Us

Meat has always been the staple of the average American plate, but Business Insider reports that for health-conscious consumers and vegans, plants take center stage. From lentils to mushrooms, plant protein packs a nutritional punch that exceeds what can be found in animal meat. Some of the ready-made plant-based protein products available in groceries... Read more

18 June, 2018
Great At-Home Coffee Makers!

Coffee is a must for most Americans, and home brewing can save lots for the average coffee drinker. A great at home-brewer is the Bonavita BV1900TS. It costs $110 or more. It's small, and it makes the best at-home drip coffee you can . imagine. Another great option is the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew. It costs $61. It keeps your beverage hot and the machine... Read more

15 June, 2018
Best And Worst Things To Eat From A Vending Machine

Sometimes you're in a pinch and you just can't avoid the vending machine. Make smarter choices by being aware of some of the healthiest--and unhealthiest--options. Read more

13 June, 2018
Italians Don't Really Eat These So-Called 'Italian' Dishes

Italian-American Cuisine is widely popular, but that doesn't mean that Italians eat it.   Read more

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