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Japan And Its $12 billion Seawalls Following Fukushima
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13 Mar 2018 04:41 AM EST

This month marks the seven-year anniversary of Japan's Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The massive natural disaster caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
The catastrophic Fukushima disaster included a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, a resulting tsunami, and a power-plant accident. All three left close to 18,000 people dead in total. The tsunami also took 5 million tons of debris with it. 70% of the debris sank. But 1.5 million tons of it was left floating in the Pacific Ocean.
Since the devastation, some towns have prohibited building in flatter areas near the coast. Others have raised their land before building new structures. Others are building seawalls. About 245 miles of seawall structure has been built along the coast to protect from future tsunamis. According to Reuters, it has cost Japan about $12 billion to build these 41-foot concrete seawalls. They block the view of the beaches and sea from residents — and some people aren't happy with it

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