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San Francisco's Airport Has Yet Another Near Disaster On The Runway This Week
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12 Jan 2018 03:44 AM EST

It's not looking to good for one of the worlds busiest airports. According to an article posted in business insider in the last year, San Francisco's airport recorded 3 of the worst near disasters in aviation history all within the same year because of a terrifying flaw. An Aeromexico passenger jet was scheduled to land on a runway occupied by a commercial jet before air traffic controllers ordered the Aeromexico jet to abort the landing, according to a report by the San Jose Mercury News. This latest incident marks the third time in the past six months that San Francisco International Airport has come close to experiencing a collision. The incident happened on Tuesday morning, as the aircraft approached the airport, air traffic controllers realized it was lined up to land on another runway that was occupied by a Virgin America Airbus A320 jet.

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