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Chapstick Went Through The Wash? You Have Options
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11 Jan 2018 12:05 PM EST

Let's face it. We don’t always check our pockets before tossing stuff into the wash. So what do you do when oily things like Play Doh and Chapstick get into the mix? Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr told LifeHacker that Pine Sol is excellent for stain treatment.
Cornstarch, as well as talcum and arrowroot, can be used to pull grease stains out of fabric and is a great choice for items that can’t go into the wash, or for treating older and more stubborn grease stains. Or you could try the laundry bar soap called Fels Naptha. Finally, there’s a product called K2r. It's usually used for upholstery cleaning, but it's also very effective for set-in grease stains on clothing that's been washed and dried. Good luck!

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