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Don't Want To Be Accidentally Buried Alive? Make Sure You Don't Have This Condition
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10 Jan 2018 10:14 AM EST

Doctors are usually pretty certain when they declare someone dead. But Business Insider reports one man in Spain was recently sent to the morgue, only to be heard snoring a few hours later. After being declared dead by three different doctors, the man regained consciousness just hours before his autopsy was scheduled to be performed. Hospital sources say the strange event could have been the result of the man having an unusual medical condition called catalepsy. Often, the person's vital signs such as breathing and heartbeat drop to very low levels, so they are nearly undetectable, even by doctors. A person's limbs tend to remain in whatever position they are placed, which can be mistaken for rigormortis — the third stage of death. Catalepsy can sometimes be a symptom of epilepsy

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