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How To Best Battle Stress Depends On Which Kind It Is
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8 Nov 2017 12:24 PM EST

As a US Navy SEAL commander, Jocko, Willink led SEAL Team 3 Task Unit Bruiser to become the most highly decorated US special operations unit of the Iraq War. The experience taught him how to deal with stress that makes office anxiety not really seem so bad. In his new book, "Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual," he explained to Business Insider how "most of the time we're either facing stress of things that we can control and stress of things that we can't control." Willink said, "If it's stress of things that we cannot control, what you have to do is you mitigate that stress as much as possible." He explained, "You've planned, you've trained, you've done everything you can in your power to mitigate the stress that's facing you. And then after that, there's nothing you can do. So, you have to let that one go." As commander, Willink instituted a philosophy he dubbed "extreme ownership," which is about taking full responsibility for everything that happens under your watch. He said, "A lot of times people have something that they're afraid of. They've got a client that's mad at them. They've got a project that's due. And they let that stress hang over their head. I don't let that happen. Instead, he communicates openly about what went wrong and how he's going to fix it. The approach is actually a remedy for procrastination. He says, "I'm not going to let that thing hang over my head and wait till the last minute and be scared of it. No. If I've got something do. I'm going to attack it. I'm going to attack that stress."

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