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There Are 50,000 More Gun Shops Than McDonald's In The US
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6 Oct 2017 01:42 PM EST

Details about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's gun-buying history has emerged, showing that in the past year, Paddock bought 33 guns, and owned a total of over 40 firearms. In Nevada, it's not only legal to own that many guns, but easy to find and buy them as well. There are approximately 505 federally licensed gun stores in the state, and Navada is not unique in this. Gun stores permeate every U.S. state. There are more gun stores in the United States than there are McDonald's, coffee shops, grocery stores, 7-11s, and pharmacies. The gun industry is thriving in the US, and firearm sales tend to spike after mass shootings. Many gun-store owners attribute the increases to worries about new gun regulations. The opposite of a gun crackdown often happens, with the most probable policy response in states with Republican-controlled legislatures to a mass shooting being a loosening of gun laws by 75%.

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