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Marriott Criticized for Stranding Tourists on Hurricane Irma Hit St. Thomas Island
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13 Sep 2017 05:15 PM EST

Marriott is under fire after nearly three dozen tourists stranded on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas were told they could not board a rescue ferry that the hotel company had chartered for guests. The area is still reeling after Hurricane Irma ravaged the area. Cody Howard, a professional storm chaser, said he and a group of roughly 35 tourists were stunned when the ferry, which looked to have many seats still open, left them there. The 30-year-old shared the experience on Facebook. Marriott issued a statement saying it had secured a ferry to take about 600 of its guests from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico and that tourists who were not on the manifest were not permitted to board. They appeared to blame the dock security for not allowing the stranded tourists to board the ferry.

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