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Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo Stage Trump Tower Protest
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17 Aug 2017 05:41 PM EST

-by Laura Tucker, Staff Writer; Image: Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore (Image Source: Instagram)

Michael Moore is no stranger to controversy—in fact, it seems as if he is attracted to it.

Moore is known for creating political documentaries that explore gripping headlines such as Columbine and 9/11.

But this week the filmmaker became the news. He has been a strong antagonist of Donald Trump's and currently has a one-man Broadway show dedicated to his fight: The Terms of My Surrender.

On Tuesday night, he and actor Mark Ruffalo took the fight out to the streets. Instead of just speaking of his outrage singularly on a stage, he and Ruffalo took the theater audience with them and staged a protest of the President's words after Charlottesville to the streets outside Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Along with protesting Trump, Moore, Ruffalo (a guest performer on Tuesday to Moore's show), and the audience also set out to honor Heather Heyer, the counter-protester who was killed at the rally this weekend.

Moore hired double-decker buses to move his audience from the Belasco Theater to Trump Tower. Ruffalo used a bullhorn to lead everyone in chants, including, "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA."

In an Instagram video posted that night by Ruffalo, Moore says, "We'll get as close as we can, so he can hear us."

"We want him to know that an American killed on American soil by a Nazi is not acceptable," explained Ruffalo in the video. "There is no equivalence, there's no 'many sides.'"

"There are two sides to this: people who fight Nazis and Nazis," continued the actor. "That's it. We can't allow Nazis to be a normal part of our society. We have to fight."

It was great timing, as this is the first time the President has been at his home in Trump Tower since his inauguration. He's been there since Monday.

Other celebrities were seen in the crowd as well. 1984 actors Olivia Wilde and Tom Sturridge, producer Harvey Weinstein and his wife, designer/actress Georgina Chapman, and actors Fisher Stevens, Marisa Tomei, and Zoe Kazan.

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