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Microsoft News Byte: Xbox One Supports Ultra HD 4K Gaming
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22 May 2013 06:39 PM EST

Xbox One supports Ultra HD 4K gaming

New details continue to trickle out following Microsoft's Xbox One unveiling. Some new tidbits answer burning questions and some simply raise new questions, but there are also a few key features, like Ultra HD, being discovered that Microsoft was oddly quiet about during its presentation but happily confirmed after the show.

Xbox Live Arcade games won't work on Xbox One

Gamers hoping to bring their library of Xbox Live Arcade games with them to the Xbox One are out of luck as Microsoft has confirmed that these games will not carry over to the next-generation platform.

How to play the Xbox One

The main difference between The Xbox One and the Xbox 360 games purchesing, is that games will not be played off the discs. Instead, they will be installed directly to the Xbox One?s 500GB hard drive, though new games can be played immediately as they install from the discs.

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