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Anthony Scaramucci is Already Comfortable in Front of the Cameras
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26 Jul 2017 02:34 PM EST

-by Chanel Adams, Staff Writer; Image: Anthony Scaramucci (Image Source: Jdarsie11 via Wikimedia Commons)

It didn't take long for Anthony Scaramucci to warm up to the cameras.

The new communications director has already given the press his signature smooch. He said that he wants White House press briefings back on-camera. He also revealed that he and new Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders used the same makeup artist on Friday.

"If you're asking me for my personal opinion – and maybe the president will be upset for giving my personal – we should put the cameras on," Scaramucci told CNN's Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning.

Scaramucci then revealed that he uses the same makeup artist as Sanders. He remarked that Tapper wore so much bronzer that he looked "tan and refreshed." He complimented the news reporter on the person who did his makeup. Scaramucci made his rounds on Sunday. He also appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Face the Nation with John Dickerson.

Scaramucci seems to be comfortable with his new role already. He talked about the ease of the reorganization at the White House. He said that he wanted to "soften" the White House's relationship with the media, but also be "tough" on them. He showed off his skills by roasting the hosts.

"He's going to win again, Jake. He's going to win again. I will bring a box of Kleenex over here to CNN in 2020," Scaramucci said.

On Monday, Scaramucci announced on Twitter that the press briefing rooms will be back under him.

"The TV Cameras are back on," Scaramucci tweeted, including a television and video camera emoji.

During one of his three Sunday appearances, he spoke directly to the camera at one particular viewer at home.

"If I said some things about him when I was working for another candidate, Mr. Trump, Mr. President, I apologize for that. Can we move on off of that?" Scaramucci said on CNN's State of the Union.

"I know you and I have moved on off of that," he said, before adding that CNN host Jake Tapper "hasn't moved on off of that, obviously."

Tapper laughed as Scaramucci continued.

"I'm going to be working for you," he said directly to the camera. "And I'm going to serve the American people. And we're going to get your agenda out into the heartland, where it belongs."

Scaramucci became the White House's newest communications director. He replaced Sean Spicer, who announced his resignation on Friday. Scaramucci made himself known during an on-camera briefing on Friday, just hours after Spicer resigned. He promised to work better with the press. He also named Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the new press secretary. Before he took his role at the White House, Scaramucci worked as chief strategy officer and senior vice president at the Export-Import Bank. He was also a former Wall Street financier.

Scaramucci seems a little suave when it comes to the role. Spicer resigned because of his ill-tempered rapport with the reporters. He also didn't like becoming the brunt of jokes on Saturday Night Live. Spicer started to feel left out as he stepped out behind the cameras. Little did he know Trump already had Scaramucci in mind.

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