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NYT Photo Of Donald Trump Jr. In The Woods Is Now A Huge Meme
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18 Mar 2017 06:29 PM EST

The New York Times published an extensive profile of Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son. The piece covered all aspects of Trump Jr.’s life, touching on his controversial love of hunting African wildlife to the time he compared refugees fleeing war to Skittles, but it was the atmospheric lead image of Trump Jr. looking emotional in the woods at his father’s Bedford, NY estate that really got people talking and generating memes. Some queried why he looked rather awkward sitting down. One meme asked, “How is he so bad at sitting?” Others wondered why he was all alone writing, “That’s funny when the rest of the scouts pack everything up while your sleeping and leave camp without you.” Still another meme said, “When dad doesn’t invite you to Mar-a-logo.” And the memes kept coming. One suggested, “I wish Cialis would quit putting their sponsored ad in my timeline.” Others pointed out how good his shoes looked, “TFW your assistant picked you up and carried you to a stump in the woods so as not to scuff up your shoes.” And on and on. One’s thing is for certain, Donald might think twice about another interview with “Fake News!”

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