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Kansas City Chiefs Team Needs
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17 Apr 2013 03:08 PM EST

-by Chris LaBarge, Contributing Writer; Image: Alex Smith is the QB of the present but must prove he is the long-term answer in KC (Image Source: AP Photo]

2012 Record: 2-14 | Offense Ranking: 24th | Defense Ranking: 20th

Positions of Need:

Safety: It’s hard to say a team with Eric Berry at safety needs help there but I’m not as sold as others are on Kendrick Lewis. Regardless of your feelings on either player, you cannot argue that the depth behind them is lacking. Jose Gumbs, Tysyn Hartman and the recently-signed Husain Abdullah can’t excite many observers in Kansas City.

UFA: Abram Elam

Inside Linebacker: Again, they have Derrick Johnson. How then can you list inside linebacker as a team need you might ask? Who is the other starter would be my response? Without looking. If you said Akeem Jordan or Corey Greenwood, then congrats. But you also looked, cheater. Besides, Johnsons turns 33 before the season ends, it’s time to add some fresh blood in the middle. Throw in Zac Diles, signed from Tennessee, at least they have some depth.

UFA: Brandon Siler

Right Tackle: Flat out, the team will miss Eric Winston. On a very good line, he was a rock on the right side. Donald Stephenson, a third-round pick last season, is the starter in Winston’s absence, but he was overmatched at times in 2012. If it were me, I’d be drafting whichever tackle you like better with the first pick and pair them with franchise player Brandon Albert to form a solid set of tackles. All signs point to this happening.

UFA: Eric Winston [Cut]

Quarterback: I know Andy Reid went out and got his guy by trading for Alex Smith from San Francisco, but color me skeptical. People remember the Alex Smith from the past two years with Jim Harbaugh. He threw 30 TDs and only 10 picks in those two seasons and led his team to the NFC Championship game in 2011. Prior to that, he threw 51 TDs and 53 INTs in his first six seasons. I’m just not buying that Smith’s game-manager style will mesh with Reid’s throw-first mentality. Former Saint Chase Daniels is the backup plan for now and unless you’re a believer in Ricky Stanzi the QB of the future is not on the roster.

UFA: Matt Cassel [Cut/Minnesota Vikings], Brady Quinn [Seattle Seahawks]

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Recently Posted Comments
Date: 17 April, 2013
Posted by: yfootballfanaticbab
Comment: I liked the overall article and i agree with you on most statements. I personally believe people who are upset about the new starting qb need to be grateful that it's not Cassel and now are fans of a team that has a proven winner taking snaps. Everywhere i look fans are saying noooooooooo not Alex Smith pleeeeaaaase. They want Geno because he did so good in college right? Well so did Vince, Michael Vick, Pat White and so many but it's not hard to see facts and the facts are only 1 jAfrican American QB that i could find in NFL history has won a championship. Many dual threat qbs fail for many reasons but the biggest reason is this isn't college football and it will not work for long. These great football minded coaches will figure out how to this trend and teams without a pure pocket passer will fail and that's facts. 2011 Alex had Davis and Mr i can't catch the ball that year Crabs and Geno had two of colleges best wide receivers to throw to. Look I'm not hunting for excuses or trying to build fans up or over excite them but I'm simply saying the. team now has a great leader, motivator, and a player who can get it done at the time when he has to( put the team on his back) and CARRY them to victory. Alex Smith is a great qb who will surprise everyone and accomplish WAY more than even the people who believe he's the answer will be able to cope with after his surprising achievements. Geno is unproven and couldn't lead a team with great talent surrounding him to a senior season better than 7&6. If history stays it's course, then chiefs fans will seem to forget they ever wanted him, he's the next Michael Vick, Vince Young so go on and say what u want of my opini but they are not just a feeling i have inside it's HISTORY baby. And the Kansas City Chiefs and fans as well, just sit back and enjoy as the 2013 season unfolds into a HISTORY MAKING SEASON for Reid and Alex Smith for whom will find success unimaginable. So hate on haters and watch the Chiefsbecome a big big biiiiiiig surprise
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