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High School Mexican-American Textbook In Texas is insanely Racist

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High School Mexican-American Textbook In Texas is insanely Racist

2016-09-09 15:34:451 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST

The State Board of Education in Texas is expected to hear testimony next week from critics of a new textbook for Mexican-American studies whom say the book is filled with mistakes and perpetrates stereotypes. The book titled "Mexican American Heritage," was the only one submitted after Texas put out a request for a book to be used in a proposed high school elective course. Ruben Cortez who was on the board said in a statement this week that the book "describes Mexicans as lazy, and alleges that Mexican culture does not value hard work and that they bring drug and crime into the country."Trinidad Gonzales, a history instructor at South Texas College who was on the book review team stated "We have a web of racist assertions that are built in passages, that are built on multiple errors. This is a textbook that is a polemic against the Mexican-American community,"

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