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Princess Diana's Pregnancy Could Answer Questions for Kate Middleton
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3 Dec 2012 12:45 PM EST

-by Trista McKenzie, Contributing Writer; Image: Princess Diana, Prince Charles and a baby Prince William in 1982 (Image Source: Kensington Palace / AP)

With the announcement of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, speculation is already underway as to when the baby is due and if it will be a boy or a girl.

While Kate and Prince William seem to handle the press well in their relationship, for a little help on how to get through the pregnancy, the answers are extremely close to home.

When Princess Diana announced her pregnancy on November 5, 1981, three months after her marriage to Prince Charles, media frenzy ensued. When Kate and William wed last April, speculation of when she would become pregnant began almost immediately—and this announcement is sure to bring just as much attention as Diana’s.

Kate will need to be extra careful in the coming months, as even a small injury will undoubtedly bring about a scare. Just 12 weeks into her pregnancy, Diana fell down a staircase at Sandringham, according to ITV News, but though she was severely bruised, the baby was fine.

According to Diana’s biographies, the stress of carrying a potential heir to the throne was also great—she allegedly had said that “the whole world is watching my stomach,” a sentiment that Kate will undoubtedly share.

One plus for the current couple is that their child, no matter which gender, has an equal right to the throne, thanks to a change in the succession rules in October 2011. In the 80s, when Diana was pregnant, only a boy could take the throne—and lucky for her, she gave birth to Prince William.

While Diana and Charles remained in the news throughout the pregnancy, Kate and William seem to keep their lives much more private. While the media will surely begin to speculate about the unanswered questions we have so far, Kate and William have no further to look than Will’s late mother for guidance.

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Date: 4 December, 2012
Posted by: Clare
Comment: "In the 80s, when Diana was pregnant, only a boy could take the throne" Oh please, get it right! Britain has never had the Salic Law (where only males could accede to the throne). What *was* the case was that males took precedence over their female siblings, even if the male was younger. The October 2011 changes to the laws of succession mean that siblings are in line to the throne by age order, rather than males first.
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