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NYC Marathon: Some Runners Helping Out
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4 Nov 2012 08:43 AM EST

- by Tom Milton, Contributing Writer

With the New York Post now calling for the resignation of New York Road Runners CEO Mary Wittenberg after she sent out an ill-advised letter to the runners partially blaming the media for the event's cancellation (never mind that most New Yorkers were opposed to the running of the marathon when thousands of people have nothing), a large number of would-be marathon runners are going to dedicate their talents and physical strength to helping those in need in Staten Island and elsewhere in the city.

One group of runners, organized by Dr. Jordan Metzl, will be setting up the New York Runners in Support of Staten Island event, where they'll meet up at the Staten Island ferry at 8:30 to take the 9:30 ferry to Staten Island. From there, they'll be delivering aid to Staten Island and delivering aid.

Another group, running only in Central Park, is organizing the "Run Anyway Marathon," headed up by Lance Sven who is running for people with ALS. The runners are scheduled to start running at 9 AM. On their Facebook page, they make a vague mention of helping out with Sandy relief efforts (by collecting donations which runners will bring), but these people are mainly running for the causes that they had agreed to represent anyhow. The donations that runners bring with them will be taken by Rennaisance Church in New Jersey and be distributed to affected families. This group recognizes that they may be criticized for running a marathon despite the public out-cry but calls for its members to not respond to criticism.

Other runners from around the world are volunteering to help out in the region, with 40 runners from the Netherlands agreeing to help out in Newark.

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