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Adidas Creates Shoe Made Almost Entirely Out of Ocean Waste
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5 Jul 2015 09:32 PM EST

-by Yuliya Geikhman, Staff Writer; Image: Adidas’ new shoe with Parley for the Oceans (Image Source: Adidas Press Release)

Between 4 and 12 million metric tons of plastic ended up in the earth’s oceans in 2010 alone. That’s between 1.5 and 4.5 percent of the total plastic produced in the world, and scientists still have no idea where most of it ends up.

Parley for the Oceans and shoe maker Adidas have joined efforts to raise awareness of this issue.

Adidas unveiled a prototype shoe at the United Nations headquarters this week: a shoe made almost entirely out of recycled plastic from the ocean. The shoe is one of a few new consumer product ideas from Parley for the Oceans and Adidas that will be unveiled later in the year.

The fibers of the shoe are made entirely out of plastic yarn and filaments recycled from the ocean. The plastic for the prototype was obtained by Parley partner Sea Shepherd after a 110 days of tracking an illegal poaching vessel. The vessel used deep-sea gillnets, which are illegal for their harmful and intrusive methods of dragging heavy nets along the bottom of the ocean floor.

Parley for the Oceans member Cyrill Gutsch states that oceans are a “fundamental part of the debate around climate change.” The group’s objective is “to boost public awareness and to inspire new collaborations that can contribute to protect and preserve the oceans. We are extremely proud that Adidas is joining us in this mission and is putting its creative force behind this partnership to show that it is possible to turn ocean plastic into something cool.”

Another member of the group, Eric Liedtke, praises Adidas for being “a leader in sustainability,” and is excited at the potential opportunities that can come from the joint efforts of the company and group.

“This partnership allows us to tap into new areas and create innovative materials and products for our athletes,” says Liedtke. “We invite everyone to join us on this journey to clean up the oceans.”

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