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Weather Update: Temperatures Drop, Snow Turns to Ice
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27 Dec 2010 09:57 AM EST

- by Jessica Verderame, Assistant Editor; Image: Red shaded areas are under blizzard warning as per the National Weather Service

The storm that hit the New York area is being compared to the Blizzard of ’96, which brought more than 20 inches of snow. Despite getting less snow than that memorable winter storm, weather officials are saying that, due to high wind speeds of up to 70 MPH with thunder and lightning, this storm may have been worse. 

Currently, the snow has ceased, though the Weather Channel is reporting that this may not be the end of the snow. There is a 50% chance that there will be snow showers this afternoon. Even without the snow falling, the gusting winds are causing treacherous snowdrifts

Though the temperatures are around 30 degrees, the wind chill is making it feel like single digits in New York and Long Island. These freezing temperatures are leading to dangerous ice conditions, and drivers are urged to stay off the road; many drivers are stranded in their cars all over New York and New Jersey and have been since last night. Many cars have been abandoned by their drivers after getting stuck.

Weather officials are saying to be careful when crossing the streets and be sure to give the right of way to vehicles—in these conditions, slamming on the breaks for a pedestrian is dangerous for all parties involved. Officials are advising people to keep out of danger by staying inside.

Though the storm has left the area and is heading towards New England, the New York area will feel the effects of the storm for the next few days.

Temperatures are expected to hit the 50s by the end of the week and forecasters are predicting rain on Sunday.

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