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India: Kejriwal Remains People's Hero After Resignation
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14 Feb 2014 04:14 PM EST

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's abrupt resignation has only raised his stock among the common people of Delhi. The 'aam admi,’ who form his core support base and who believe he will come back to power with a more emphatic majority, are confident Kejriwal will play a larger national role after the general election. This resignation proves that only a 'jhaadu waala,’ referring to the party symbol of 'jadhu' or broom, can deliver and end corruption in the city, Hanumanth Rai, of Hissar told IANS. Kejriwal resigned after his landmark anti-corruption bill was rejected by the Delhi assembly. "Other parties are not supporting him because they know that if the bill is passed their leaders will land in jail," Rai said.


Posted by Samantha Wilson

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