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After Wishing Ghislaine Maxwell Well, Trump Questions Whether Epstein Was Killed in Prison

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After Wishing Ghislaine Maxwell Well, Trump Questions Whether Epstein Was Killed in Prison

2020-08-05 18:49:09

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Jeffrey Epstein (Image source: Public domain)

There have been so many questions about Donald Trump's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein as well as Ghislaine Maxwell, and his recent comments about them only increase the idea that he may have been involved in something illegal with them.

Epstein was accused of sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl and pleaded guilty. He was convicted in 2008 of prostitution charges connected to an underage girl. He was released in a controversial plea deal after serving only 13 months in prison.

In July 2019, the financier was arrested again for the sex trafficking of minors. He died in his jail cell a year ago under questionable circumstances. He was supposed to be under close supervision but died, leaving speculation that he was killed.

Epstein was known to have a long relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, but the true nature of the relationship was unknown. It was unclear whether she was his girlfriend or associate. She has been accused of finding the young girls for him. She was arrested by the FBI last month.

Along with being friends with former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, he was also friends with Trump. They were even included together in a lawsuit by a woman accusing them of rape.

The president has never detailed exactly what led to their falling out about 16 years ago. However, in 2002 he referred to him as a "terrific guy."

"He's a lot of fun to be with," said Trump. "It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life."

And now, in 2020, he is making confusing comments about Epstein and Maxwell. He was asked about Maxwell when she was picked up last month. He said he wished her well. He is sending federal law enforcement after peaceful protesters but wishing a woman accused of sex trafficking well.

In his Axios interview with Jonathan Swan this week, Trump was asked about his comment.

"Her friend or boyfriend was either killed or committed suicide in jail," he said. "She's now in jail. Yeah, I wish her well. I'd wish you well. I'd wish a lot of people well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty."

"So you're saying you hope she doesn't die in jail?" Swan asked. "Is that what you mean by 'wish her well?' " He gave Trump room here to politely back out of it to maybe help end speculation about his relationship with these two people who have been accused of sex crimes with young women. But Trump didn't take what was offered.

"Her boyfriend died in jail. And people are still trying to figure out how did it happen," said Trump. "Was it suicide? Was he killed? And I do wish her well. I'm not looking for anything bad for her."

The New York City medical examiner concluded Epstein committed suicide by hanging, but a medical examiner his family hired raised questions about this. On "60 Minutes," the medical examiner said Epstein's neck had unusual fractures that aren't common in suicides by hanging.

Attorney General William Barr asked the Justice Department inspector general to investigate. Barr later said the inspector general didn't see anything that "undercuts the finding of the medical examiner that this was a suicide."

Barr also noted later that he reviewed security footage confirming no one else entered the area where Epstein was housed on the night of his death. Yet, he also said he could understand people "whose minds went to sort of the worst-case scenario because it was a perfect storm of screwups."

Two jail staffers were charged after they allegedly failed to check on Epstein the night he died.

Barr again said in an interview last month that Epstein had "committed suicide." He added that he was "livid" about the incident and was taking steps to be sure the same thing would not happen to Maxwell.

"We have asked them to tell us specifically the protocols they're following. And we have a number of systems to monitor the situation," he said.

What is left unanswered is why steps had to be taken to be sure Maxwell didn't meet the same fate. If it was just negligence that led to Epstein's death, why would Barr believe the same thing could happen to Maxwell a year later? 

Additionally, the questions remain of why Trump is wishing Maxwell well and questioning Epstein's death. Although, at one point he accused the Clintons of being involved in the death. It's very possible that's his true motivation.

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