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Trump’s only hope “Make America Great Again” campaign

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Trump’s only hope “Make America Great Again” campaign

2020-07-13 03:28:00

By Our Reader,  Image: Donald Trump (Image source: Screenshot)

The COVID-19 pandemic and left-wing riots have unsettled the United States, clearly impacting the presidential race by providing Joe Biden with a clear route to the White House. The campaign to reelect President Donald Trump has been adrift for months. President Trump needs to get the nation — and his campaign — back on track.

What can “Make America Great Again” The President Trump campaign can reverse Biden’s fortunate momentum by recapturing the movement of 2016. If anarchy can damage our cities, capitalism will build them back up. If Democrats and media elites want to label Americans racist and divide us, President Trump can demonstrate that it is the unity that guides us.

President Trump needs to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the riots that marred broad protests for racial justice, with creativity, empathy and tenacity. Trump must recapture the original “MAGA” themes, hammering home the “America First” message of 2016, from law and order to middle-class tax cuts and conservative jurisprudence.

The First things to do, using executive authority and federal assets like the National Guard, the President should drive back on chaotic elements when Democratic governors and mayors are too weak or unwilling to protect their citizens. Create tax incentives for those willing to rebuild and take their cities back. Block bills for funding for cities that allow anarchy, sanctuary status for illegal immigrants, destruction of monuments and defunding of police.

Also, the president must remind citizens of these Democratic-led states and cities that liberal policies and lawlessness are recipes for disaster. The administration’s record of achieving record-low Black unemployment and addressing criminal justice reform in any other year would be solid, but President Trump needs new, innovative thinking to accompany it.

The failure of the police reform bill is actually an opportunity for President Trump. Meet weekly with leaders of this important movement and layout policies to introduce a subsequent bill of real reform.

American families accept wearing masks and social distancing, but they need their kids in school. Trump can focus on the importance of education, reopening schools in August and September.

Using these responses, the Trump campaign can get back on track and resume the campaign rallies that invigorated so much support in 2016. The base is alive and well, but Trump voters need a reason to get excited.

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