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NFL Draft: NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah Talks Top-5 Picks With Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, and New York Giants

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NFL Draft: NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah Talks Top-5 Picks With Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, and New York Giants

2020-03-24 21:22:231 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST


-NFL Release posted by Daniel Mogollon, Staff Writer; Image: Ohio State defensive end Chase Young. (Image Source: Steven Branscombe / Getty Images)

NFL Draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah dives into the top 5 and talks about what the Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, and New York Giants could do with their selections in the 2020 NFL Draft:

Everybody has Chase Young plugged in number two with the Redskins. Is it a mistake to even consider moving out of there and going back, considering how many holes they have at a lot of spots? And if you do decide or if they do decide to move back, what kind of haul would you need to make that happen?

DANIEL JEREMIAH: Man, that's -- first of all it would be somebody obviously coming up for a quarterback, I would be -- I just don't trade off of elite edge rushers. You have a need there at the position, those guys are hard to find. So to get a player like that you would have to blow my doors off to get me to trade off that pick, if I was the Washington Redskins. And I'm not going back far. That would be five, six, seven would be the only teams I would consider talking to, and you're talking multiple ones plus some Sugar. You've got to get a lot to get out of there, because even if you get to five, you won't see Chase Young at that point in time. So you're trading off a premier player at the second most valuable position in the sport. You're going to have to get a heck of a haul to do that.

I was just kind of wondering what makes Chase Young that once-in-agenerational talent? But what can he do for the rest of the defense? How can he unlock the Redskins at defense if that's where he goes?

DANIEL JEREMIAH: I think when you watch the last few games of the season, you can see the benefit that he has for everybody else up front in just creating one-on-ones. He draws so much attention. And I feel like it's interesting because I've used the phrase "generational talent". When I say that, it's almost like people feel like it's a slap in the face to what Ohio State's done because when you look at the Bosa brothers and how good they are, he's in the group with those guys. I do want to clarify that. He's the best player in this draft class. I actually had a little bit higher grade on Nick coming out than Chase. I had a higher grade on Chase than Joey. Obviously Joey has been a perennial Pro Bowl player; he's outstanding. But he's one of those type guys. And the impact he has, not only is he -- he's going to win his one-on-ones when he gets them, but he's going to create so many double and triple teams his way it's going to be able to let the other guys eat a little bit. When you can pair him up, look at Washington and Montez Sweat. Montez Sweat is going to see nothing but one-on-ones, and he's going to have a chance for a huge year if this is the pairing that ends up coming together.

So from the Lions standpoint, let's say Burrow and Chase Young go 1, 2, and the Lions have some trade-down options, how big is the next group of defensive players -- Okudah and whoever else that you'd feel comfortable coming away with one of those guys? And how low do you think the Lions could go in the draft and still get one?

DANIEL JEREMIAH: Great question. I think when you're just looking at the defensive guys, I don't think you want to go too far. I think there starts to be a little bit of a drop-off there. If you're at 3, I think you want, if you want to trade down, I don't think you want to trade off of getting out of the mix of this group of guys. You've got Isaiah Simmons at linebacker, who is a safety/linebacker hybrid, just a playmaker overall. Derrick Brown, if you trade down, if you trade down and come away with Derrick Brown or Okudah, I mean, that's huge. Isaiah Simmons, come in there and be a big-time player as well. Then you start getting into Kinlaw, and that's probably the last one. And that would be the group where I'd say, okay, if you're picking at 3, I don't know that I want to go much further than six, at the furthest seven. If you get in that range, I think you come away with one of those guys. But I think it could also be determined with what happens with the corner. If they trade Darius Slay then you say we don't want to get out of the range of Okudah because you have to have a replacement there.

I wanted to circle back quickly to the Lions at 3. Based on your mock and your earlier comments you seemed pretty set on the idea that Okudah is the best choice, but on the big board you have Derrick Brown a few spots higher. They have significant needs at both positions there. Considering the team's going to be presumably looking for immediate contributions with the coach and GM on the hot seat, can you just elaborate a little bit more on the choice between Okudah and Brown at 3 and explain why you went the route you did?

DANIEL JEREMIAH: Sure. Derrick Brown is -- to me, I have the same grade on Derrick Brown at his position as I do with Chase Young at his position. I think he's a phenomenal player. He's the closest thing, ironically, to Ndamukong Suh, who everybody in Detroit know so well. That's who he reminds me of when you watch him on college tape, so strong and powerful. He can really punch off blocks, separate, find the ball, make plays. He plays really hard. So he's outstanding. And when you plug him in there, you talk about immediate impact, he'll make an immediate impact on every single down as an interior player. And Okudah, look, he's somebody that can -- you're going to let him just press and just mug people at the line of scrimmage. He's so long and twitchy and fluid. He can find the ball. Everything I've heard about him from a character standpoint is off the charts. Some of the stuff you hear about him in the workouts, like jumping 40 inches and going to be less than 4 percent body fat, just like crazy stuff. Both of these guys are special players and outstanding players. I had him going with a corner, just because I thought with Jeffrey Okudah, the chance for him to come in and play coverage, work your defense back to front fit more of the philosophy. If you're going to go by the Patriots and how they've done things and make the connection with Patricia, kind of building up that secondary, they've kind of flipped the script. I personally would go front to back and take the defensive linemen, but I look at the success defensively the Patriots have had lately they've done it with more premier players in the secondary than at the line of scrimmage. So that's why I had Detroit looking in that kind of direction.

I'm curious what you think the Giants do at four. I saw on your mock, you had an offensive tackle which is obviously a big need. But with the defense that needs so many playmakers, that really has no playmakers, desperate need for them? Is that a place to go? Or how you would weigh trading down for them, similar to the questions about the Lions, how you would see them trading down for more picks to fill all those holes?

DANIEL JEREMIAH: Well, they've got a lot of holes. You pick up there for a reason. And I get what you're saying about finding some playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. But, look, as an organization, your number one priority is ensuring that Daniel Jones is going to grow and develop and be a success. So if I have to go through another year of watching some vanilla, boring defense lacking in playmakers, I'm going to do that if it means I can go ahead and get my left tackle that will protect this kid for the next 10 years. That would take priority for me. I know there's depth at the tackle class. To me Mekhi Becton is a freak, from Louisville, an absolute freak. I'm not in the business of trading off freaks at a need position. He's a left tackle. He's a better version of Bryant McKinnie. He's going to be that guy for the next 10 to 12 years to protect your franchise quarterback. He's so big, so long, so athletic, even when he is not perfect, it doesn't matter because nobody can get through him. He's 6'7", 370 pounds. You just don't see guys like that come around very often. I know trade-back options exist. I know you can take a defensive playmaker. To me I'm not trading off that pick. I'm sitting there right there taking Mekhi Becton.


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