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About 4,000 New Yorkers in Quarantine Because of 33 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

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About 4,000 New Yorkers in Quarantine Because of 33 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

2020-03-06 22:06:101 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Woman wearing a mask (Image source: Public domain)

The possible coronavirus contamination in New York just blew up overnight. It started with one person, then doubled, and now everyone the second person and his family and neighbor could have possibly been in contact with is in quarantine. In total, 4,000 people are in quarantine, with a confirmed number of coronavirus cases at 33 as of Friday, after being 22 on Thursday.

The second confirmed case is a 50-year-old attorney from Westchester County. His two teenage and young adult children and his wife have been confirmed to have the virus as well as his neighbor who drove him to the hospital. His daughter's high school, an associated lower school, his son's college, his law firm, and his synagogue were all possible locations where the disease could have spread. 

State officials said 44 people are under mandatory quarantine instead of self-isolation under the advice of health officials and providers.

One of the additional cases is the head of the synagogue, Rabbi Reuven Fink of Young Israel of New Rochelle. His confirmed case led to many quarantines. He sent an email to the congregation explaining he had coronavirus and was "doing reasonably well" but warned everyone who had contact with him to seek medical advice. 

"We sometimes find ourselves victims of life's fragility and tentativeness," he wrote. "This is one of those times. It can help us to reorient our ultimate goals in life. Contemplation is good for the soul."

It's estimated 1,000 of the people in quarantine are there because they attended events at the synagogue. In New York City proper, nearly 2,800 are in quarantine. Additional schools closed Friday for deep cleaning, just as a precaution. 55 people in New York City are still waiting on test results. 

Of the New Yorkers to have tested positive for coronavirus, four are from New York City, while all the rest are from Westchester County. Three patients are being treated at hospitals in Long Island's Nassau County, and at least two patients are in intensive care in Manhattan.

The other people who have tested positive either have mild symptoms or none at all. Most are in isolation in their homes and have not needed hospitalization. 80 percent of coronavirus patients self-resolve with no additional treatment necessary. Most cases are mild, and the overall risk to the public is low. 

Three people tested positive in New Jersey. Results were still pending on Friday. One of those three is a 30-year-old health-care worker who works in New York City and has homes in both states. Another case is a 60-year-old man from Camden County who is in stable condition in the hospital.

Both New York City and the state of Connecticut have asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more testing kits to comply with federal guidelines. Currently, there are no confirmed cases in Connecticut, though more than 150 people are self-monitoring. New York state received approval to run its own version of the test. 

A total of 164 people have been confirmed to have had coronavirus throughout 19 states. With most of them, authorities aren't sure how they contracted the virus. 10 people from Washington state have died, while one person from California has died.


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