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43 People Are Being Medically Monitored After Coming In Contact With US Coronavirus Patient

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43 People Are Being Medically Monitored After Coming In Contact With US Coronavirus Patient

2020-01-24 12:03:361 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST

43 people are being closely monitored following contact with the sole US sufferer of the Wuhan coronavirus. They appear to be members of the public who accidentally ended up in shared space with him. The medical monitoring consists of daily phone calls to check if each person is showing any symptoms. The global death toll for the virus is now at 25, with more than 800 confirmed cases of the illness. The level of resources devoted to the single U.S. case shows the scale of efforts to prevent it from spreading. The U.S. man who has been diagnosed with the virus is a man in his 30's who recently traveled to Wuhan. He is being held in a special bio-containment room, where he receives most of his treatment from a robot.

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