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London Bridge Stabbing: Two Victims Killed, Attack Considered Terrorist Incident

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London Bridge Stabbing: Two Victims Killed, Attack Considered Terrorist Incident

2019-11-29 16:30:401 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST

By Chanel Adams,  Photo source: burge5000 - Flickr

As of Friday afternoon, two victims were killed in an apparent terror incident. According to authorities, two victims and three others were injured after a stabbing took place near the London Bridge on Friday, Nov. 29. Two people, separate from the attacker, were also killed in the incident, according to a BBC News report citing government officials.

British police shot and killed a terrorist attacker on top of the London Bridge on Friday, Nov 29. This horrifying incident left one person dead and several others injured, according to a separate Fox News report. Police later confirmed that the stabbing was a terrorist-related incident. One male suspect was caught and shot by police. He later died at the scene, according to authorities.

Scotland Yard said that first responders raced to “a stabbing at premises near to London Bridge” just before 2 p.m. local time. At least five people were injured during that time. One of the injured victims was seen being held by police following the attack. Several media outlets also reported that two other victims were in serious conditions. However, news reports have been conflicting throughout the day.

Original reports also suggested that the attacker was wearing a suicide vest, but it turned out to be a hoax device. The motive for this incident is unknown. Tor Caldwell and Patrick Brown were just two of the witnesses who happened to be traveling on the bridge on a bus at the time of the incident. They told ABC News that they “saw some commotion out the side of the bus,” and then later heard shots.

“People on the street were running,” according to Caldwell. Then a police officer evacuated the bus and told the passengers to run for their lives, Caldwell said.

“It was pretty scary because we didn’t know what was going on,” Brown added. This caused authorities to close off the iconic London Bridge located in central London as well as the nearby Borough Market. According to London’s Metropolitan Police Service, it’s “enhancing police patrols” in the area in eye of the attack.

“We urge the public to remain clam, but be alert and vigilant,” the police officials tweeted. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the attack “appalling” on Twitter. He also tweeted, “All my thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

Johnson later told reporters, “I can assure you that anyone involved in this attack will be hunted down and brought to justice.” London Mayor Sadiq Khan told reporters that the city would “stay resolute in our determination to stand strong and united in the face of terror.” Khan also released a statement on Friday addressing the London Bridge incident on Twitter.

The last time a terrorist-related incident happened was back in June 2017 when a group of attackers plowed and killed eight people with a van on London Bridge. The attackers later went to Borough Market where they stabbed several others. The area remains closed by authorities for safety reasons.

"Due to reports that the suspect may have had an explosive device, specialist offices also attended the scene and wide cordons are in place to ensure there remains no further danger to the public," Commissioner Neil Basu said during a news conference. "However, I can confirm at this time, we believe a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device. Officers continue to carry out meticulous searches in the area to ensure there is no outstanding threat to the public."

The news of a lockdown and a stabbing that took place caused mass panic with many running to safety or looking for a shelter. National Rail announced that the London Bridge Station has since reopened since it was on lockdown earlier on that day. This terrorist incident comes after the national terrorist level has lowered from “severe” to substantial, according to a report from the Guardian.

During the same time on Friday, intelligent sources told Fox News that ISIS propagandists released images that showed ISIS supporters pledging allegiance to the group’s efforts. According to the media outlet, the images could likely be stills from a video that was made from a group of ISIS supporters. But these images haven’t been confirmed. It also hasn’t been revealed if the London Bridge attack on Friday was actually carried out by an ISIS supporter.

The incident is still ongoing as police are investigating. Check back with AllMediaNY for the latest updates on the London Bridge stabbing.

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