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Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Repopulate the Earth By Impregnating Scores of Women

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Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Repopulate the Earth By Impregnating Scores of Women

2019-08-01 18:14:031 Oct 2018 01:53 AM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Jeffrey Epstein (Image source: Public domain)


The news on Jeffrey Epstein just continues to get more bizarre. While at first it was thought he was only interested in having sex with young girls and profiting off it in a sex-trafficking ring, it's now been learned that in addition to that, he wanted to seed the population with his DNA by impregnating women at his New Mexico ranch.


The billionaire spent a short time in prison a decade ago for crimes related to the same ones he's been charged with this time. The first time he received a sweetheart plea deal thanks to former Trump administration Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta who was a Florida prosecutor at the time.  

The new charges from Miami and New York City allege Epstein committed sex-trafficking crimes between 2002 and 2005 in both New York and Palm Beach, Florida.


While in a New York jail, he was served papers from a woman suing him, claiming he raped her when she was 14, and the next day he was found in his jail cell with marks on his neck and in a fetal position. It's been suggested he may have staged an attack or suicide attempt to get moved.  

Epstein confided in scientists and others over the years, according to four people, that he wanted to impregnate women to seed the population. There is currently no evidence that his dream was ever put into play.


This came from a fascination with transhumanism: the science of improving the population through science, including genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.  

While he is known to lie about all facets of his business and finances to create business and political relationships, documents and interviews with acquaintances show he operated the same in the science community to pursue his interest in such fields as eugenics and cryonics.


He was able to form relationships with well-known scientists including Murray Gell-Mann, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Jay Gould, Oliver Sacks, George M. Charge, and Frank Wilczek. This group includes Nobel Prize winners, authors, physicists, an evolutionary biologist, a neurologist, and a molecular engineer. 

Epstein threw dinner parties at his Manhattan mansion with expensive champagne and wine, even though he was not a drinker. He hosted lunches at Harvard's Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and sponsored conferences in the Virgin Islands. He even chartered a submarine for the scientists.


Steven Pinker, the Harvard cognitive psychologist, was invited by colleagues to "salons and coffee klatches" where Epstein would be. 

He saw Epstein as an "intellectual impostor," explaining, "He would abruptly change the subject, A.D.D.-style, dismiss an observation with an adolescent wisecrack."


A founder of virtual reality, Jaron Lanier said Epstein's ideas weren't really scientific and didn't hold up to proof. One of his hypotheses was that atoms behaved like investors in the marketplace. 

Pinker recalls a session at Harvard where Epstein was critical of efforts to limit starvation and provide health care to the poor because it would increase the risk of overpopulation. When Pinker rebutted his theory. Epstein and another colleague told him he'd been "voted off the island" and wasn't welcome at Epstein's get-togethers anymore.


Multiple times beginning in the early 2000s, Epstein told scientists and businessman about his desire to inseminate women with his sperm to have his children at his ranch in New Mexico. 

This was told to two scientists and a business adviser who say it was not a secret and that others knew about it. The three found the idea to be far-fetched as well as disturbing.


A scientist told Lanier at a dinner in Epstein's mansion that the financier's goal was to have 20 women at a time pregnant with his children at his ranch. This idea of a baby ranch was based on accounts of the Repository for Germinal Choice, strengthening the gene pool with the sperm of Nobel laureates.  

Lanier's impression was that Epstein was using the dinner parties to meet women who had great academic credentials as a way of screening candidates for his ranch.


Another scientist told of a discussion with Epstein concerning cryonics, the process freezing people's bodies, then bringing them back to life in the future. Epstein wanted his head and penis to be frozen. 

An Epstein charity gave $20,000 to the World Transhumanist Association in 2011. Now using the name Humanity Plus, their goal is "to deeply influence a new generation of thinkers who dare to envision humanity's next steps," according to their website.


He also gave $100,000 to pay the salary of the vice-chairman of Humanity Plus, Ben Goertzel, according to the man's resume.  

He refused to speak about Epstein, only saying, The stuff I'm reading about him in the papers is pretty disturbing and goes way beyond what I thought his misdoings and kinks were. Yecch."


Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz remembers a lunch hosted by Epstein where he brought the conversation around to discussing how the human race could be improved genetically. All it made Dershowitz think of was Nazis. He also discussed perfecting the human genome at a conference. 

While Epstein has claimed to sponsor many of the scientists, many, such as Pinker, claim to have never accepted financial or other support from him.

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