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Do Some Cats Hate Belly Rubs?
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27 Jun 2019 03:30 AM EST

Some cats don't like belly rubs. Why? Because, according to MMN, the stomach area is a very sensitive part of a cat's body. This soft underbelly protects some of their most vital organs, according to the South Boston Animal Hospital. The hair follicles on a cat's stomach and tail are "hypersensitive to touch, so petting there can be overstimulating." If a cat shows you its belly and seems to want affection, try scratching under the cat's chin or around the cheeks. If you're not sure if the cat wants a belly rub, slowly reach your hand toward the tummy and gauge the cat's reaction. If the cat reacts angrily and try to grab or claw your hand, don't try it again. If they don't react, you're likely clear to proceed.

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