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Why The Mount Everest Death Toll Is So High This Year
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8 Jun 2019 02:01 PM EST

So far in 2019, Mount Everest's death toll has risen to 11 people. The BBC reported that the world's tallest mountain has averaged six deaths annually for the past 20 years. Business Insider spoke with 11 commercial climbing operators and four climbing experts, to try to unpack why there is such a high death toll. Some of the reasons that they believe deaths are happening on the world's tallest mountain include: 1. Overcrowding and inexperienced climbers Business Insider says that Everest's popularity has grown due to rise in local companies looking to capitalize on the growing market by offering significantly cheaper rates than foreign-based companies. 2. Abnormal weather conditions 3. Delays in preparing the mountain for climbers Mike Hamill, founder of US-based climbing company Climbing the Seven Summits explained, "Rope-fixing this year was a bit strange in that the ropes weren't fixed until late in the season." Veteran climber Alan Arnette added, "A limited number of days, too many people, too many inexperienced people, inadequate support — those all things all came together and that's where we saw most of the deaths."

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