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Giuliani Disputes Reports that He's Leaving Position as Trump's Personal Attorney
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7 Jun 2019 02:36 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Rudy Giuliani (Image source: (


With rumors that Rudy Giuliani is getting ready to leave his position as Donald Trump's personal attorney, the former New York City mayor is disputing that. He claims he's sticking around to finish the "cleanup" after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. 

Giuliani has only been with Trump for just over a year. And truth be told, initially he was signed on to make the special counsel investigations go away quickly. But that didn't turn out so well with the investigations lasting nearly another year after Giuliani started pitching in.


And now that the report has been submitted, things are far from being cleared up for Trump. In fact, the allegations are clear as mud. While he had Mueller hanging over him a year ago, now he has several House committees, the New York state's attorney, and several subpoenas that he believes he has the right to ignore hanging over him. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Giuliani said he is planning to end his Trump counsel when all the legal threats related to the Mueller investigation are through. And from the looks of it, that could be a while. Not that it matters to Giuliani, as he does this work pro bono.


The attorney confirmed that he would "probably not" stick around as the president's personal attorney after the Mueller work is cleared up unless he is specifically needed. He also admitted to being "pretty busy" with other projects. 

However, he is also working on helping Trump in the 2020 election. He traveled to Ukraine last month to look for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, which seems astonishing considering there's been so much talk about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016 with Donald Trump Jr. looking for dirt on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Giuliani reiterated he was sticking around via tweet on Thursday night. "I have no plan to cease personal representation of @realDonaldTrump," he wrote. "I was brought on to handle the Mueller investigation, and I am still dealing with the possible crimes committed by the investigators. I'm here until Pres. doesn't need me or needs something else." 

It was Giuliani who worked Trump through the possibility of him sitting down for an interview with Mueller. Trump wanted to do it, and others were having a difficult time talking him out of it. Giuliani told him he shouldn't and should just submit written answers to the special counsel questions, and that's what Trump eventually did last November.


He's also Trump's most fervent defender, other than White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Attorney General William Barr. Although many times Giuliani seems to make things worse for his client. Trump even had to tell him to sit out media appearances for a while. 

Trump still isn't in the clear, though. There are multiple investigations going on around him, and the effort to impeach him picks up steam every week, picking up more and more supporters, including one Republican lawmaker.


Additionally, Mueller did not exonerate him, regardless of Trump's claims. He indicated it was up to Congress to indict him because of Justice Department policy that does not allow a sitting president to be indicted. 

This means if he is not impeached nor reelected in 2020, Trump will be left open to being indicted once he is a private citizen again. Perhaps it would be in his better interests to keep Giuliani around until then.

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