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Baby Aspirin Prescribed To Prevent Stroke, Heart Disease Has A Serious Downside
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13 May 2019 04:22 PM EST

Doctors often recommend patients take low-dose aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke. However, a new report reveals that the practice is associated with an increased risk of bleeding in the skull in people without a history of those conditions. According to CNN, researchers analyzed data from 13 previous studies in which over 130,000 people ages 42 to 74, who didn't have a history of heart disease or stroke, were given either aspirin or a placebo for the prevention of these conditions. People who took the placebo had a 0.46% risk of having a head bleed during the combined trial periods. But for those who took low-dose aspirin, the risk was 0.63%, the equivalent of an additional 2 out of every 1,000 people developing a bleed. People from Asian backgrounds and those with a body mass index under 25 had the highest risk.


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