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Thinking Of Switching Toothpastes? Here's How To Pick A Good One
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13 May 2019 04:20 PM EST

Fancy toothpastes may come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but according to LifeHacker Vitals, they probably don’t offer better dental health than the average drugstore toothpaste. If you're shopping for a new brand, there are three things to look for. First is the type of abrasive the toothpaste uses. Some common abrasives include calcium carbonate, silica, aluminum oxide, and magnesium carbonate. Charcoal can also act as an abrasive, but some dentists caution that charcoal can be too harsh. The second ingredient should be flouride, which protects the teeth. Research shows that hydroxyapatite may be as good as fluoride for remineralization, but the science isn’t yet solid enough for most dentists to recommend it. Finally, look for colors, flavors, and foaming agents. Gels don't clean teeth any better than pastes do, and no toothpaste with sugar will be approved by the American Dental Association.


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