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Ivanka Trump Claims to Have Zero Concern Over Mueller Investigation
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8 Feb 2019 04:55 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Ivanka Trump (Image source: Public domain)


While her father is blowing up Twitter wish his concerns over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, Ivanka Trump claims to be not nearly as bothered. In fact, she said she has "zero concern" for the probe. 

She may want to rethink being concerned, however, as her name has come up. Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, mentioned that they were still working on a potential Moscow real estate deal long past when he'd originally said they were working on it, and his kids were said to be involved as well.


In an interview with ABC News, the first daughter said she "barely" knew about the Moscow deal the Trump Organization was pursuing and downplayed exploring the area and possibilities of building. 

"Literally almost nothing," she said of what she remembers of the potential deal to build a hotel that would give Russian President Vladimir Putin an entire floor. "We were an active business."


"There was never a binding contract. I never talked to the — with a third party outside of the organization about it. It was one of — I mean we could have had 40 or 50 deals like that, that were floating around, that somebody was looking at. Nobody visited it to see if it was worth our time. So this was not exactly like an advanced project," Trump deflected. 

She downplayed the project as much as she could, noting that other major hotel chains also have properties there in Moscow.


According to Felix Sater, who raised money for the project on behalf of the Trump Organization, the plan was to make this Trump Tower the world's tallest building. This makes it seem like there was more to it than what Trump is letting on. 

"It's not like it's a strange thing, as a hospitality company or a development company, to have a hotel or a property in Russia. We're not talking about Iran. It was Russia," she explained.


"And we weren't even advanced enough that anyone had even visited the prospective project site. So it really was just a non-factor in our minds. I'm not sure that anyone would have thought of it." 

Except there were people working on the project, such as Sater, and Cohen was following up on the project at Donald Trump's request, according to Cohen. At the time Trump denied he had any type of business deal with Russia.


"First of all, I don't know Putin, have no business whatsoever with Russia, have nothing to do with Russia," he said at a North Carolina campaign rally in October 2016. The problem is that his current attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said that his client was still discussing the Moscow project in November 2016. 

Ivanka Trump was asked by the ABC interviewer, Abby Huntsman, "Are you concerned about anyone in your life that you love being involved?"


Her father is very involved in the investigation, as it revolves around the question of whether there was collusion between his campaign and Russia to fix the election, and her brother Donald Trump Jr. has said he expects to be indicted for his part in the Trump Tower discussions that were an effort to learn dirt about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

"I'm not. I'm really not," the eldest Trump daughter insisted.

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