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To Make Better Decisions, Check Your 'Hangry' Level First
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8 Feb 2019 02:16 PM EST

Human beings aren't superheroes. Nor can they run on fumes. So just like checking the gauges on a car, it's important to learn to check one's own body signals and state of mind at regular intervals--or suffer the consequences. According to LifeHacker, people often respond irritably or inappropriately if they're hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Some make poor snap decisions when they've just come into the house after work. Others decide they're sick when in reality, they just haven't given themselves enough time to wake up. So to be happier, more comfortable, and make better decisions, learn to spot your own signs of hunger, fatigue, and emotional distress. Take care of those needs first, so you can better respond to the needs of the world!


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