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Aston Martin & Silverstone Classic Collab On Racing Festival
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8 Feb 2019 10:55 AM EST

Car and racing fans are in for a treat. According to Autosport, Aston Martin and the Silverstone Classic have partnered on the new Aston Martin Heritage Racing Festival Series. The three year partnership includes three possible highlights. Autosport explains, "After the Silverstone Classic race in 2019, a second event is planned for the Spa Classic Six Hour meeting in late September and then a possible expansion to three races in '20." The festival is open to open to all non-current Aston Martin GT class race cars, and alike the Vulcan. Autosport adds, "Entries range from the Le Mans Bentleys of the early 1920s right up to Aston Martin GT cars from as recently as 2018." Nick Wigley, Silverstone Classic CEO, said "Everyone loves Aston Martin and, with its wide-ranging presence throughout the event, this year's festival will be all the more special for all-comers."

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