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Researchers Worry E-Cigarettes May Lead To Epidemic
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7 Feb 2019 08:16 PM EST

UPI reports a new study says the growing popularity of e-cigarettes may lead to a nicotine addiction among youth. Juul is the industry leader, and there are 39 similar e-cigarette devices that contain equal or higher amounts of nicotine than Juul. The new study published Thursday in Tobacco Control says, "Until recently, most e-cigarette liquids carried 1 to 2 percent nicotine, with a few considered 'super high' at 3 percent, intended for the two-pack-a-day smoker." It went on to say that Juul introduced a 5 percent nicotine vaping liquid in 2015. The company's sales rose by 641 percent from 2017 to 2018. The surgeon general has issued a warning, calling e-cigarette use an "epidemic."


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