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Chris Christie Admits He Might Run for President Again If He Thinks He can Win
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4 Feb 2019 03:28 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Chris Christie (Image source: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)


In case you have missed it, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been all over the news lately due to his new book and its thoughts of the Trump administration. It's not too surprising that with his name being front and center that he's considering another run at the presidency.  

Christie was one of Trump's opponents in 2016 for the Republican nomination. Later he nearly sat his back pocket wanting a place in his administration. He had a couple of small roles and turned down others. What he really wanted was to be attorney general, but we're waiting for former Attorney General William Barr to be confirmed to that position.


During an appearance on BuzzFeed News' Profile he discussed he may not have a political future, "or I might run for president again. You know, I don't know. But I can guarantee you this: I won't run for president again if I don't think I can win." 

"My personality is about having a chance to win," he added. "I'm competitive. And so if I had a chance to win, I would do it."


Christie's even had requests to run. While on his book tour for his political memoir he's had people approach him, asking him to go up against Trump in 2020, but he says he's "not interested" in that. 

"In 2024 I'll be 62 years old. It's still 10 years younger than the president is now. And like 15 years younger than Joe Biden. So, you know, the field is open. 60 is the new 50."


It sounds like the reason he's not willing to go up against Trump is because he's still on good terms with him. But maybe if he thought he could win, that competitive spirit would emerge. 

"This is not a tell-all," he said of his book. "This is not like, oh you know, 'I eat with the president, and he's like dumped ketchup on. His tie,' and you know, 'he wipes his mouth with his sleeve,' and you know, or 'he said this word, that word.'


"This is about what's the real impact of electing somebody like Donald Trump," he explained while leading to Trump's comments about the book that he called "very respectful of me." 

Still, he'd like to join Trump's administration, but only in one of the two big roles. He still wants to be attorney general, but he'd also consider being vice president.


"I turned down six positions with this administration already," said the former governor. "Right, so I turned down labor secretary twice, I turned out homeland security secretary, I turned down a special assistant to the president, I turned down ambassador to Italy, I turned out ambassador to the Vatican." 

This is because if he would accept a job in the administration, he'd "have to really want to do what they were offering me to do to make that sacrifice."


He told Trump his wishes in 2016, to be attorney general or vice president. He clarified one more time and said, "If I got offered one of those jobs, I'd probably take it. But if I don't get one of those jobs, I could pass." 

Trump has already announced he would be running again in 2020 with Vice President Mike Pence. So the likelihood of Christie getting that job seems a remote chance. And with Barr moving through the confirmation process, that seems remote as well.


Christie gave his thoughts on some of the other big name candidates who have announced they are running in 2020. "I think Biden would have the best chance at the moment because I think he has the best opportunity to appeal to the white working class voters that switched from Democrat to Republican to Trump." 

He added that "what we think two years before an election is really almost insignificant" because "we don't know how the players are going to play."


The former New Jersey governor also gave his thoughts on Sen. Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, declaring he was running in 2020. The two are friends, despite being on opposite ends of the political spectrum. 

When Booker announced, Christie admits he "texted him to congratulate him and wish you good luck, and he texted me back and said, 'Thank you.'


"But you know, I don't know how Cory is going to do on the national stage. You know, he's an outstanding speaker. He's inspirational in many ways. But you know, he's also been moving further and further and further to the left, I think, to try to get to where the energy of his party is." 

"And I don't know if given his record whether people are going to see that move as genuine or opportunistic, and that will determine a lot of that."

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