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Border Patrol Union Deleted Webpage Explaining Why Border Wall Wouldn't Work
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12 Jan 2019 05:44 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: Looking at Border Patrol through the U.S./Mexico fence (Image source: Cbojorquez75 via Wikimedia Commons)


While Congress and Donald Trump are at odds about the purpose of a border wall at the United States/Mexico border, there was a time in 2012 that there was one group that knew a wall wouldn't work? Border Patrol agents.


Surprisingly enough, the union for the group that patrols that border and knows probably better than anyone else what works and what does not work, wrote seven years ago that building walls and fences to stop illegal immigration would be "wasting taxpayer money."


They published a webpage that stated that barriers such as walls and fences don't affect the causes of migrants trying to cross the border. It was their belief that it could potentially encourage even more migrants to illegally cross the border or stay longer than their visas would allow.


"Walls and fences are temporary solutions that focus on the symptom (illegal immigration) rather than the problem (employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens)," it said on the webpage.


"Walls and fences are only a speed bump," it continued. "People who want to come to the United States to obtain employment will continue to go over, under, and around the walls and fences that are constructed."


The union felt additional barriers "will undoubtedly result in an increase in fraudulent documents and smuggling through the ports of entry as frustrated migrants seek other modes of entry."


However, after the union president put his stamp of approval on Trump's much-sought-after border wall, that webpage was taken down.


Interestingly enough, Donald Trump himself has reportedly hired undocumented immigrants at his golf course. This means that while Trump is insisting that the border wall will solve the problem, he's really the reason behind the problem.


But he has been so insistent that the wall should be built to stop the flow of migrants crossing the border illegally, that he insisted on shutting the government down partially until Congress agrees to include $5.7 billion for the wall in the budget.


Ironically, some of the government workers who are working and not getting paid during the shutdown are Border Patrol agents. Two officers even filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration. This is after the union endorsed Trump in 2016.


Despite the union's webpage stating a border wall  wouldn't work, the union's president, Brandon Judd, joined Trump during a news briefing on January 3 to tour border barriers. He insisted they are "an absolute necessity" and thanked the president for his work to get funding.


It seems a little strange, doesn't it? The union president is thanking the man holding back the members of the union from getting paid for his actions in doing so.


It seems so nonsensical, perhaps this is the reason that the webpage had to be pulled down. It was a strange enough idea for the union president to be endorsing this, and having a webpage giving more reason for it not to make sense just couldn't happen. Trump would never get that funding.


But Judd explained this away in an email to POLITICO. He insisted that deleted webpage presented the position of previous union leaders and that it led to confusion.


He was elected union president in 2013, a year after that webpage was published. He said he "vehemently disagreed" with the previous position on border barriers but left it online as the union didn't want to hide from its previous views.


"But because it continually gets brought up, we made the decision to take it down," he explained.


That webpage disappeared from the union's website on January 4 or later, according to archived webpages.


But it all goes back to the union's previous  thought that having barriers wouldn't matter if there are still employers hiring undocumented immigrants and giving them a reason to migrate to the U.S. And one of those employers is Donald Trump.


This brings up the question: does Trump really want the border wall to stop illegal immigration? Or does he want to deflect talk of creating stronger laws that would prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants because it would affect his business?

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