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Trump Tries to End DACA Again, Asks Supreme Court for Help Ending It
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6 Nov 2018 04:33 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer; Image: American flag with children's hands (Image source: Public domain) 


Just in case voters weren't understanding Donald Trump's direction in this campaign season after issuing multiple threats regarding the migrant caravan and stating his intention to sign an executive order, on the day before the midterms he asked the Supreme Court to end DACA once and for all.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program that was launched by former President Barack Obama. It allows the children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S. to work, while not granting citizenship.  

Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in September 2017 they were ending the program that affects nearly 700,000 young people who have been dubbed "Dreamers." This effort has been continually battled in courtrooms and on Capitol Hill since then.


The Trump administration on Monday urged the Supreme Court to toss three lower-court rulings that blocked the president and attorney general's plans to eliminate DACA. 

Solicitor General Noel Francisco said in a court filing that Obama administration officials introduced the program "even though existing laws provided them no ability to do so." For this reason, he believes it is lawful for the Department of Homeland Security to get rid of it.


"It is plainly within DHS's authority to set the nation's immigration enforcement priorities and to end the discretionary DACA policy," he said.  

This move was seen as very aggressive with regards to normal procedure, as the Justice Department is asking the Court to take action even though intermediate federal appeals courts haven't ruled on the three lower court rulings. They believe there is an urgent need for a final ruling.


With the conservatives holding a 5-4 majority, if they agree to hear the case, the ruling would likely be handed down before the end of next June. 

Trump made immigration an important policy during his 2016 campaign and did well with it. With Republicans in trouble in the House and with doubts regarding their hold on the Senate as well, he wanted to do whatever he could to hold on to voters other than just his base. He once again started espousing immigration policy and stating that Democrats wanted open borders.


With DACA hanging in the balance, so far Trump and Sessions have initiated the "zero tolerance" policy which led to family separations. The backlash on that led to Trump creating an executive order to fix it and the administration spending the summer trying to reunite families. Some are still waiting. 

With a migrant caravan that originated in Honduras headed toward the Mexico/U.S. border with numbers in the thousands, Trump has issued many threats, all seemingly done to placate his base.


Similar to DACA is the 14th Amendment that allows children born in this country to undocumented immigrants to become citizens. Trump introduced a new goal last week to end the Amendment's protections with an executive order. 

The renewed push to end DACA is surely something that was done to fire up his base again.

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