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The Science Behind Venus In Retrograde
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10 Oct 2018 03:56 PM EST

According to Mother Nature Network, the appearance of the planet Venus in retrograde has everything to do with the Earth's orbit relative to that planet. When standing on Earth and observing the night sky, all of the planets move on a west-to-east track through the stars. Occasionally, however, a planet will appear to halt in its orbit, an illusion known as a stationary point, and then backtrack or "retrograde" for several weeks or even months. Venus's orbit only takes 224 Earth days to complete one rotation around the sun, it overtakes the Earth's orbit and appears to move backwards from east to west. Once Earth's orbit catches up, the planet resumes its normal or "direct" easterly drift in the evening sky. Venus in retrograde this year lasts from Oct. 5 to Nov. 14.

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