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Stormy Daniels Announces She Has a Book Coming Out Next Month
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13 Sep 2018 04:51 PM EST

By Laura Tucker, Staff writer: Image: Stormy Daniels (Image source: Screenshot)



A year ago Stormy Daniels wasn't a household name, but throughout 2018, she's gone on to be a central figure in the mess that could bring Donald Trump down. Yet, despite this, the adult film actress says she was working on a book years ago and put the finishing touches on it this year. She talked about her upcoming book on "The View" on Wednesday, along with her attorney, Michael Avenatti. 

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claims to have had a brief sexual relationship with Trump that came out of a promise for her to appear on "The Apprentice." When that didn't materialize, they stopped seeing each other. She told her story to In Touch magazine, but it was never published.


Three months before the 2016 election, Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, arranged for Daniels to get a $130,000 payout to guarantee her silence. We have heard audio tapes of him and Trump discussing the plan to pay her off as well as Karen MacDougal, who also claims to have had a sexual relationship with Trump. Cohen has testified to this in court and admitted Trump was involved.  

Daniels claims she was threatened by an unknown man shortly before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. She was offered the $130,000 and convinced to sign a nondisclosure agreement.


At the beginning of this year the information got out anyway. Trump said she lied about the unknown man and the affair and called it a "total con job." She sued him and Cohen after that for defamation and to be let out of the NDA. The suit is still bouncing around in court.  

In her appearance on "The View" on Wednesday, Daniels said when she heard the news that Cohen pleaded guilty to the hush money payments, "It hit me so hard. And I didn't really think that it was going to. Like out of all the things that people have said to me, all the things that have happened, that news is what was like a punch in the gut."


"I was so overwhelmed, I just broke down into sobs," she added. "I didn't realize how much pressure I had felt. People called me all kinds of names, and who cares, but to be called a liar and not believed for months and months, it had taken its toll."  

Daniels said she felt "vindicated" and "like all this weight came off my shoulders" after hearing that news.


Recently Trump and his legal team decided not to enforce the NDA. Avenatti said he believes "they pulled it because they're concerned that we're going to get a chance to depose Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. 

"And they don't want me to have an opportunity to ask Donald Trump questions under oath and for him to have to answer those questions, and then for the world to hear those answers, because I think it's going to be very, very damaging to Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. They're doing everything they can to avoid that situation."


Because she no longer has to abide by the NDA, which wasn't necessarily keeping her quiet anyway, Daniels announced that the next book to come out to expose Trump will be hers.  

With Michael Wolff, James Comey, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, and Bob Woodward all publishing books that expose Trump and/or his administration, Daniels' will be next. "Full Disclosure" will hit the shelves on October 2.


View co-host Joy Behar asked how much she could disclose after she was only with Trump a few times. "There's a lot in the book, but the book isn't just about that, that doesn't define me," explained Daniels. She offered that the book will "blow your mind." 

"The first time I read this manuscript, I had to put it down three times because I was so moved by the book," added Avenatti. This is an incredible book, and I think people are going to be very moved by this book, by its content, and they're going to learn a lot about this incredible woman who I am proud to call my client and my friend because she's had an amazing life."

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