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Appeals Court Strips Koch Group Of Donor Secrecy
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12 Sep 2018 01:20 AM EST

According to Politico, the Koch group is losing its donor secrecy fight in appeals court. The ruling issues a blow to the nonprofit group founded by Charles and David Koch. The conservative political megadonors must disclose their largest donors, as is California law. The Americans for Prosperity Foundation had argued the state's rules violate the First Amendment. They said the law would discourage individuals by exposing them to harassment. In 2016, the group persuaded a judge to issue a permanent injunction against the requirement. However, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously reversed that ruling Tuesday. "To the extent the district court found actual chilling or a reasonable probability of harassment from confidential disclosure to the Attorney General, those findings are clearly erroneous. The mere possibility that some contributors may choose to withhold their support does not establish a substantial burden on First Amendment rights." Judges Raymond Fisher, Richard Paez and Jacqueline Nguyen.

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