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Trudeau's Incompetence Leads Saudi Arabia To Hammer Canada
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9 Aug 2018 10:30 AM EST

Justin Trudeau is the much loved Prime Minister of Canada. However, according to Business Insider, his incompetence may have led Canada into peril. Trudeau's government made a tactical blunder in trying to address human rights in Saudi Arabia. Canada's foreign affairs Twitter handle urged the "immediate release" of Saudi women's rights activist. Saudi Arabia issued a blistering response. Saudi Arabia expelled its Canadian ambassador, froze all new investment, cancelled all flights to Toronto. The kingdom pulled thousands of students from Canadian institutions. It barred its citizens from getting medical treatment in Canadian hospitals. Saudi Arabia reportedly sold off all its Canadian assets. This is a humiliating blunder for the much revered Trudeau. Canadian Muslims now can't fly directly to Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage later this month. Canada has lost money on trade with Saudi Arabia. Canada lost the opportunity to educate young Saudis, who could have affected its desired change.

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