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Whalers Kill First Blue Whale In Over 40 Years
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12 Jul 2018 05:25 PM EST

An Icelandic commercial whaling company, Hvalur hf, has reportedly killed a blue whale. The blue whale is an endangered species and the largest animal known in existence. Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd claimed the company had killed and butchered a blue whale in Hvalfjordur, Iceland. We have never caught a blue whale in our waters since they were protected. We see them in the ocean. When you approach a blue whale, it's so distinct that you leave it alone. Kristján Loftsson, managing director of Hvalur hf, told CNN Loftsson claimed that the caught whale was a fin whale or a hybrid species, not protected under Icelandic law. Authorities in Iceland will now conduct genetic testing to determine the whale's species. “[The] matter was (being) taken seriously by the government and the relevant authorities are investigating this issue." The Icelandic Government

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